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    Details of OTG of different watts and their effects on baked products

    Searching for a good 35ltr OTG which is value for money? Get expert feedback & reviews of current OTGs and learn too how the watts of an OTG affects a baked product.

    What difference does a 1200w otg and 2000w otg have on baking an item in terms of quality of product and baking time? I would like to know which is the best 35ltr OTG with value for money and hassle free baking to buy in India and at the best price. I live in Mumbai.
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  • These are the two 35 litre Oven-Toaster-Grill (OTGs) availble online :

    1. Bajaj 3500 TMCSS OTG Microwave Oven : It is available for Rs. 7440 at Snapdeal.
    Link :

    2. Koryo KOT 3521C : The price os this OTG is Rs. 5,790 at
    Link :

  • Here are a couple of OTGs that may serve your purpose. Though, please note that I am not an expert when it comes to the kitchen appliances.

    1. Usha 35Ltr 2735R OTG
    You can buy it in Black or Grey color options. Power consumption of the appliance is stated to be 1600 Watts. It does come with autism cook menu. You can buy it from SnapDeal at Rs. 6865.

    2. Morphy Richards MR 28 R SS OTG
    Coming from one of the long standing brands, it could be one of the best options though the capacity is a little lesser than your requirement. You can purchase it from different online stores. The pricing ranges between Rs. 6800 to 7100 across various online retailers.

    3. Morphy Richards OTG 36 RC-SS
    OTG with 36 liters capacity, it has a rated power consumption of 1600 Watts. It does come come with a range of handling accessories like wire rack, crumb rack etc. You may buy it at Rs. 9000.

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