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  • How to pay for AdWords from Google AdSense directly?

    Wondering whether you can pay for AdWords through your AdSense account earnings? Know the answer to your query from expert responses below.

    I am having Google AdSense account and Google AdWords account. I am using Google Adwords to promote my YouTube videos. During payment it shows Credit card, Debit card and Net banking Options. I wonder can I use AdSense earnings to get payment done at Google AdWords?
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  • You can't use the adsense balance for the adwords credits. That is not allowed directly. However whenever you reach the payout, Google gives you 100$ worth of credit which you can use with existing adwords credits.

    Another option is most of the hosting services offer the 100$ introductory coupon. This coupon can be used with your adwords credits too.

    In short using adsense balance with adwords credits is not part of the official payment process as of now. If you have doubts about this you can either consult adwords help section or call their helpline.

  • Right now you can't pay for AdWords from Google AdSense money directly but you can get minimum threshold of $100 (if you have contributed and about to receive payment from AdSense) to your bank account via EFT and then you can transfer required amount to AdWords via netbanking itself.

    Hope this may help you to ease the process between AdWords and AdSense. In addition to this, AdWords sometime send an email to valuable publishers with discount offer which you can use it effectively and save amount a bit beside business growth on online Ads.


  • Unfortunately, currently you cannot pay for Google Adwords from your Adsense earning.

  • You are not allowed to pay directly from Adsense because many can use it for spamming. As we all know many event bloggers use black-hat ways to get good Adsense earnings whereas these earning are conclusion of invalid or fake clicks, etc. Therefore, Finalized Adsense earning is valued after proper inspection. To protect from these types of fraud, Google doesn't let you use money direct from your Adsense account. You can limit your payment threshold to 100$ and get paid. You can use that money on Google Adwords.

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