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  • Best laptop to buy with i7 and other specifications

    Planning to purchase an i7 laptop with 16GB RAM & more than 2GB graphic card? Check out the responses below to get reviews on the best brand models with these tech specs.

    I need to buy a Laptop and these are my required specifications:
    - I7 processor ( probably 5th gen or 6th gen )

    - 16 GB RAM

    - More than 1TB Hard Disk

    - Full HD Screen

    - Above 2GB Graphic Card

    The brand which am looking forward is either Dell or Asus. Another question is should I go with Laptop of these specifications or go with a MacBook ?
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  • From the tech specs you are looking for, it seems you have a fairly high budget since with these tech specs you are likely to get a high priced laptop. Secondly, it seems you are looking for a gaming laptop. Keeping this in mind, I suggest checking out the various Asus ROG models. The G751JY-DH72X one has a 17.5 inch display which incorporates In-Plane Switching (IPS) to allow you a wider viewing angle than other laptops. The reflection from surrounding lights is also fairly reduced. Thhanks to good ventilation at the back, the laptop does not tend to get heated excessively.

    The plus points of this particular model are aplenty:
    1. A 512GB SSD for bootup along with a 1TB 7,200rpm SATA hard drive - that makes it a dual drive laptop! - ensures you do have lots of space for just about everything, from games and movies to photos and music and, of course, programs. Also, due to the excellent tandem of the Blu-ray/DVD burner drives, you can even install a game of older editions.

    2. At the heart of the Asus ROG G751JY-DH72X is the quad-core Intel Core i7-4860HQ processor which ensures really smooth and quick performance standards.

    3. It has the Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M 4G graphics packs quite a punch.

    4. The audio does not lag either, with pretty crystal clear sound.

    5. There are plenty of ports too! You get: 4 USB 3.0 ports, a VGA port, an Ethernet port, a Thunderbolt port, an HDMI port, a headset jack & a line-out jack.

    As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of ROG models which you can check out and not just the one I have mentioned. Also, you would need to check out which models are available in your country.

    Regarding Dell: from personal experience, I have had problems with the DVD drive of my laptop on more than two occasions and hence would not recommend this brand.


  • Thanks, Vandana, Looks like you are Best in this Field and checking the Asus Laptops which you are referring.

    When I was Searching About this, the one Dell Laptop ( Dell 5558 ) this got my attention with Rs. 73000.

    So can you take an in-depth Look on this Dell 5558 and Suggest me this or the Asus.

  • Pranay, as such I am not a tech whiz at all. I just got the information from sources, but the personal experience with Dell is very real. Also, note that I did mention that some of the models of laptops may be available only in specific countries. Thus it may be priced in US$ and not INR. So check that out first.

    Further, I personally feel buying such an expensive product from an e-commerce site is not really advisable. I would much rather go to a store and check it out myself. Check out this interesting discussion we had in the forum some months back: Which products you would prefer to buy online?


  • For the above configuration you can customize and build your laptop from any manufacturer. For example Dell offers customization on some of it's product line. You can customize all the features except graphics card as some brands like Dell have their limit on how much you can get with it.

    If your use for the computer is related to app development, music or video development then Apple Macbook is a good option. However if your use for the computer is limited to the surfing or say gaming then Mac is not a good option. I'd say Mac is overkill if you are not using it seriously as a computer.

    In case of gaming and high graphic use, I'd suggest Alienware. As this series is already part of the Dell, you can choose and customize some feature set of the laptop from the official site itself.

    Dell 5558 seems to be a good machine. It has some impressive features like glossy IPS display and graphics card. So I'd say go for it if it meets your personal requirement.

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