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  • How to remove star notification symbol from top of the screen in Moto G?

    If you are in trouble with unknown notification symbols in your smartphone, check out our expert answers to resolve your issues and get to know how to handle them henceforth.

    Since few days I am getting this star notification symbol in my Moto G first generation phone on the top of the screen. I do not know what is this star symbol and how to get rid of this or how to remove the symbol? What should I do to remove the star notification?
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  • Though I am not using the Moto G smartphone, I could find the following information from the help guide -

    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Select Sounds and Notifications.
    3. Select Interruptions.
    4. Select When calls and notifications arrive.
    5. Now select Always interrupt.

    Done. The star icon should be gone now.

    There is another method to remove the icon.

    Press Volume button and now change the setting from Priority to All.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • The Star Icon is the Update which rolled through Lollipop and that Ensure about the Priorities you have given for Silent Mode.

    To change that Just Hold the Volume buttons and there will be 3 different options, Select the one of the other two options.

    Hope this solves your Problem.

  • Follow these steps :

    1. Click on volume up or down button.

    2. Choose either "All" or "None" instead of "Priority" option.

    3. That's it. The star icon should be gone now.

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