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    Searching for keyboard for iPhone 6S

    Looking for a good keyboard for Apple iPhone 6S? Check out the reviews of various keyboards that are ideal for use with the iPhone 6S.

    I'm looking for a keyboard that has a numeric keypad on a row above the usual alphabetical keyboard. I had Swiftkey on my Samsung, but the Swift keyboard for Apple does not have the numeric keyboard. Also, on the Android system, it's predictive text was excellent.
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  • Have you tried Swype? Users say it does take time to work on it and the virtual keyboard has its own pace in understanding your usage of words, but this virtual keyboard does have some value. You can check out the feedback here: Best swiping keyboard for Apple iphone 6.

    Since you mentioned Swift Key, it is assumed you are searching for good virtual keyboards. Would you be interested in physical keyboards? If so, here are some suggestions:
    1. The Microsoft Universal mobile keyboard is the favoured choice of many smartphone users. It is a Bluetooth keyboard which comes with a cover & stand. It is not very bulky though and has a great life of many months once charged. It is compatible with many Android devices, including various iPhones and iPad devices.

    2. The iKross Bluetooth keyboard is recommended only by a few people primarily due to it being a low priced product, can be folded and it is easy to use. Some buyers though have complained that it is too small while others that it they are completely dissatisfied with it. There have been positive reviews also so just check online feedback on this product before purchase.

    3. I came across this one online by chance: Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 and fell in love with its photo! It seems to have great utility as you can place your smartphone in the space provided for it at the top of the keyboard rather than keeping it flat at the side or leaning it against something. It is a typical computer keyboard, but is functional for all devices. Available in black or white, it comes with a 1 year warranty. The biggest plus point of this product: you can switch between various devices just by turning a round knob. Cool!


  • You have following options to choose from - Swype, Flesky and Swiftkey. Out of these Swype and Swiftkey are much easier to customize and offer predictive input.

    Swiftkey has better suggestions compared to any other app. It doesn't have much issues for regional language and has decent support for some regional languages like Hindi and Gujarati. It does however have some issues switching in between the language in terms of performance lag (for fetching the suggestions).

    Swype lacks emoji support however you can use the Whatsapp emoji's. So it's not that much issue. Themes are also bland and less attractive. If you are in search of asian languages support then you're less likely to benefit.

    Flesky is good in case if you are more into chat and Quora usage. It also offers less suggestions compared to the Swiftkey and Swype. Also if you are not using the keyboard for english typing then regional languages are not much supported.

    I'd say go with Swype or Swiftkey, depending on your choice.

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