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  • Which is the best keyword search tool freely available?

    Looking for a good free keyword search tool? Check out the feedback at this Ask Expert page to know the best ones.

    I am an internet savvy person and I have experience in writing technical articles combined with SEO. I just want to know best keyword search tool present on the internet.
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  • You have a wide choice when it comes to the options to find a good keyword search tool. A few such tools are -

    1. Wordtracker
    It offers you a list of ten best keywords based on your search query. The tool has a user friendly and clutter free UI. You can search within your required category. The tool has free as well as Pro version.

    2. Keyword Suggestion Tool
    One of the simplest keyword tools, it lets you search within search results.

    3. Google
    This should be the best and ultimate search tool. You can use Google Trends which lets you get a list of most searched items. You can have a region specific list based on your targeted region. Google AdWords provides you a list of keywords relevant from SEO point of view.

    4. SEMRush
    The tool caters to the premium category of search items. This tool is much helpful if you run a business.

    5. UberSuggest
    The tool suggests the keywords In an alphabetical list based on your search query. It takes the data from Google suggestions and Bing suggest.

    6. WordStream
    This is one of the widest used search tool for the effective keywords. It offers you search up to 30 keywords for free. For more, you need to sign up with the service.

    7. Keyword Eye
    The tool lets you search ten keywords per day in the free plan. You have re option of opting for Pro version for added functionality. Customised search is available on this tool.

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  • Most of the common tools are already explained in the previous post. So let me discuss a different free tool which I use on regular basis. - This tool fetches the content from the instant suggest tool for the bing and google and other search engines. You can download the keywords in the CSV format. This way you can also have keywords in file and don't have to search every time you want those keywords. There are some paid plans for this keyword tool which are worth checking out if you use the service on daily basis.

  • In short, Keyword Planner section from Google AdWords may help you on this. However, there are couple of Keyword planners and their websites (as stated above) are available for SEO help on your draft. I also suggest you to use the search engine friendly keywords beside SEO required keywords.


  • Here are some good keyword research tools :

    1. : This is my favourite keyword tool. Its UI is very clean. With free account, you can do 3-5 searches a day. A paid version is also available with more features.

    2. Google Adword Planner : Earlier, it was known as Keyword Planner. You need to have an Adwords account to use this tool. It has the most accurate results among all the keyword research tools.

    3. SEMRush : It is one of the best keyword research tool. Although, it is a bit expensive, but has lots of useful features other than keyword research. For example; backlinks monitoring, finding competitors ranking keywords, full site audit etc.

  • Keyword planning is most important while writing a SEO optimized article. You can use following tools : -

    1. SEMRush: - If you are serious about SEO then SEMRush is a must. It comes with all the essential tools for keyword research. Apart from that you also get competitor, backlinks, trends, etc. as well. It is a bit expensive then other keyword planning tools out now but as per features provided by SEMRush its a great deal to go for.

    2. Google Adwords Keyword Planner: - If still you don't want to spend money in then go for keyword planner. As it is a google product it comes with all the access to keywords, trends, etc. live stats to Google's database.

    After I got a permanent earning every month. I subscribed to SEMRush monthly plan. Just after subscription I am getting excellent results. As per my experience I will suggest you to go for SEMRush otherwise Google Keyword Planner is best choice.

    For any other queries feel free to ask question in Ask Experts section of Techulator.

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