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  • Best swiping keyboard for Apple iphone 6

    Searching for a good swipe keyboard for your iPhone 6 smartphone? Check out the expert feedback given below to know which is the best one to use.

    I want to know which is the best keyboard to use on my iphone 6.The keyboard should have swiping method to swipe from one word to other and should be easy to use with both fingers. Its should be decent though not colourful and it should contain new emojis too.
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  • The Apple iPhone 6 already has incorporated in it the QuickType virtual keyboard and is said to be a really good improvement on its previous virtual keyboards of earlier iPhones. One of its biggest assets is its ability to know that you are sending a formal email and would thus automatically ensure that you do not use inappropriate format, such as typing a slang word. This is really beneficial, considering one would not want to get into the bad books of one's superior at work by sending absurd abbreviated words which he / she would not fathom or, even worse, some horrid slang! QuickType also does give you word prompts based on your message so that it is quicker to enter your response.

    Since now 3rd party keyboard apps can be used on Apple iPhones, you have 2 further options for the iPhone 6: SwiftKey and Swype. While the latter had an initial promotional offer at 99cents, the former is free. Those who have used & reviewed both these apps seem to prefer SwiftKey because it seems it is a quicker learner of your vocabulary! It also provides an optional cloud service which is totally free for backup & sync of your data. This data is secure, in an encrypted form, as stated by the company. One disadvantage that users have noted is the inability to leave a space after a punctuation, so those who are sticklers for perfect English writing, are going to find this downright annoying!

    In comparision to SwiftKey, Swype takes time to get "trained" to the words you regularly use. Its unique advantage is that if at any time you wish to use numericals, you do not need to swap alphabets to numbers, but just press down for an extra few seconds on the alphabets & voila - you have the numbers on your virtual keyboard. Though like SwiftKey it has a cloud service for storing words & can even sync across varied devices, this is not currently enabled on the iOS app, but stores the data within your own Apple device akin to QuickType.

    Regarding Emojis: note that all 3, QuickType, SwiftKey and Swype, all have emojis too incorporated. So you can send smiley or other cute images with messages to whomsoever you are communicating with.

    I would suggest you try out all 3 for equal duration of time before focusing on the one with which your are most comfortable.

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  • Here are a couple of suggestions from my end -

    1. Swiftkey
    This is the most preferred keyboard for iOS. As stated in the previous response, it is one of the highly opted keyboard by iPhone users. The word prediction, tracing and normal typing - all of them tend to be smooth on the Swiftkey. There are instances when it crashes in the messaging app, but provides you a seamless typing experience. There are some limitations though - you won't be able to use it to input passwords or use the voice typing.

    2. Swype
    The renowned tracing works good in iOS as well. It features better tap typing and word prediction. However, the estate word prediction on Swiftkey makes Swipe a bit dwarfer in comparison.

    3. TouchPal
    Developed by Touchpal technologies, it has stickers as a added attraction. It does everything fine right from tracing, typing, emojis and word prediction.

    4. Fleskey
    Fleskey has the best auto correct support. It supports gestures for word deletion and a couple of other tasks. There is no tracing (what you call swipe) though, so it may not interest you.

    5. Adaptxt keyboard
    It has support for everything you want to - emoji, word prediction, tracing and themes. But the auto correct feature is not much reliable.

    Live....and Let Live!

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