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  • Suggestions for power bank below Rs. 1000

    Want to buy a power banak within 1k which is compatible with both Moto G2 and Lenovo K3 Note? At this Ask Expert page you will get expert feedback about the availability of such power banks.

    I want a large capacity power bank (10000mAh or so) compatible with Lenovo K3 Note and Moto G 2nd generation simultaneously. Suggest me at least five power banks which would be suitable for both and has higher user rating. Online availability will be preferred. Thank you.
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  • Here are a few good power banks that would cost you around Rs. 1000 -
    1. Xiaomi 10400 mAhThus is one of the most popular power banks available under Rs. 1000. The problem with the power bank is that it remains out of stock most of the time. As soon as the stock arrives on flip kart or any other online store, it goes out of stock within a couple of days.
    The power bank has a 2.1 A output and one USB port.
    The power bank is priced at Rs. 1000 on Flipkart.

    2. Xiaomi 5200 mAh power bankComing again from Xiaomi, the power bank is priced at Rs. 600
    The price and capacity are a couple of good features that the device enjoys.

    3. Power Ace PRP10400A Rapid Power The power bank has a 10400 mAh capacity. You can buy it for Rs. 830. It has two output ports so that you can charge two smartphones simultaneously.

    4. Zebronics Power Bank PG10Zero nice has always been a trusted name in power banks. The 10000 mAh power source is available at Rs. 895. It also features over discharge protector and LED lights.

    5. Lava W880 Power BankManufactured by one of the trusted Indian smartphone manufacturer, the power bank is priced at Rs. 980. It has a battery capacity of 8800 mAh. It does come with two output ports and LED indicator.

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  • Here are some good powerbanks under 1000 Rupees for Android Smartphones :

    1. Ambrane P-1000 STAR 10400 mAh :eal.
    Link -

    2. PowerXcel RB034_BK 10400 mAh : This powerbank is available for Rs. 999 at Flipkart.

    3. Hitech Hi-plus Power Bank H60 : It price on Snapdeal is Rs. 849.
    Link -

    4. iPro 10400mAH Power Bank : It is available on for 999 Rupees.
    Link -

    5. Intex Power Bank 10000 mAh IT-PB10K : Its price is Rs. 949 at
    Link -

  • I have two powerbanks at home -

    1. Xiaomi 5200 mAh power bank
    2. Zebronics Power Bank PG10

    I have good experience with Xiaomi powerbank. I can't say the same for the Zebronics though as it has some issues with charging itself.

    Both of these are priced under 1000 Rs. And I think the price does justifies the quality. Also for most of the phones the above two power banks are more than enough for the use. I do however suggest you to get the powerbanks from Xiaomi website itself as it priced on less than 1000 Rs.

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