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    How to kill virus in my PC which appeared after USB connection

    Worried about a virus that may have entered your PC folders after connecting a USB device? Quickly take guidance from experts to know how to kill the virus.

    I am using Window 6 XP. I plugged a USB in my computer but after removing USB, a lot of folder
    shortcuts are appearing in every folder. After deleting that folder, then after a minute that folder appears again. Tell me about this virus and how to kill it to save my PC.
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  • Scan your PC with any anti virus software for the existence of any mal ware or virus. There isn't any specific way you can sort out this issue. Also check It with Windows defender.
    You should make it a practice to scan the external drives before running them on your device. Keeping your anti virus running will really help you warning you of any threat that could enter your computer through these external drives.

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  • You need to download the following two softwares -

    1. Malwarebytes Antimalware
    2. AVG Free Antivirus

    These two software should take care of the infection on your computer. The infection is likely to occur because of lack of antivirus definition or the lack of antivirus on the existing computer. Also you can install Spybot search and destroy, as that will help get rid of the browser based virus that comes from the USB.

    Do note that it is a good idea to upgrade the computer to Windows 7. As the Windows XP is not officially supported for the Windows defender definitions as well as antivirus definitions on most popular antivirus software. This should help you get rid of the infections on the computer.

  • First get a good antivirus, and second, upgrade your computer to Windows 7 if your machine hardwares support it. Windows XP is known to be very vulnerable to virus attacks. Additionally, I'll recommend you to get the antivirus from other sources (e.g. - from a friend or buy from a shop) without connecting to internet. Because sometimes the virus can take over the connection and download additional component or they can send data which they stole from your PC. I myself am a victim of such incident. After connecting to Internet, my computer restarted after a while and then kept restarting. Also don't rely much on free Antivirus softwares, best option is to buy an antivirus DVD from local market. Kaspersky is cheap and available in most places. Some other well known antiviruses are Norton, Quick heal etc. After that, do a deep scan or thorough scan and wait patiently until this finishes.

    If you upgrade to Windows 7, you can get Windows Defender (previously known as Security Essentials) for free. This is a decent antivirus provided by Windows itself. And also as stated in previous posts, make a habit of scanning external drives first. Most good antiviruses do that itself.

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  • Since your PC is already infected by viruses, the best and most secure way to remove them is to do a boot-time scan. What actually happens is that, when we boot/start our PC, a virus automatically starts itself in the background. In this case, the traditional ways of deleting a virus doesn't successfully delete the virus. The best way to remove a virus is to remove it before it executes itself. In boot time scan, we do the same thing. Any popular antivirus like AVG, Avast, Norton can do this. Here, we are using Avast! because it's free to use :

    1. Firstly, download the Avast from its official site and install it on your PC.

    2. Now, open the Dashboard by clicking on the tray icon of Avast.

    3. Goto Scan tab and click on Boot-time scan.

    4. Then, schedule a boot-time scan for the next startup. In the "Areas to Scan" option, choose "All Hard-Disks".

    5. Now, restart your PC. It will scan your whole computer. Be sure, it will take longer time if you have tons of GBs on your PC.

    Note : If it finds an infected file, it will ask you to Delete, Repair or Quarantine. I suggest you to choose "Quarantine" or "Move to Chest" here.

  • There is a way by which you can get rid of your problem. The method is given below:

    If you are not using any antivirus then you can download any of the good Antiviruses available on different sites.
    Some of them are Avast, K7 security, Quick heal, etc.

    The next step is to scan your computer fully, with the help of any of the above Antiviruses. Keep your system undisturbed for the time being to avoid any type of inconvenience.

    You may get many infected files in your system. Go to the quarantine icon and select the delete option from there.

    If you are still facing this problem then there is a last option left with you. You may upgrade your system to Window 7 or 8 and turn on Windows defender, your problem will be solved.

  • This is common problem with USB or Pen drive using in any computer that normally spread viruses and create unnecessary trouble to our system and works. It is better to at least install a free anti-virus software which can detect USB or Pen drive for checking virus issues and let you know immediately from its message to delete it on the spot.

    However, not all free anti-virus software detect it and let you know and delete it automatically or manually but only few of them do so. It is better to buy a paid anti-virus software for a year which cost around Rs 300 that will help to solve many virus issues and this is one of them.

    The another option is, you can re-install the OS and try to work as normal for a time being but make sure that you save some important files in a different or D drive. Once done, you may install free anti-virus for further alert, if any.


  • Shortcut Viruses are most common in every PC. Just running an Antivirus software may not prevent these viruses from spreading out.
    But they are very easy to remove, even with command prompt, just follow below steps:

    Solution 1:

    1. Google "Shortcutvirusremover" and open the site ""

    2. Don't judge the site by it's simplicity, just download about "4KB" .bat file to your PC.

    3. Copy the file to your "Shortcut Infected Location" and Run it.

    4. Follow the Simple Instructions.

    5. All Done. All .lnk files will be deleted thus removing those unwanted shortcuts. Enjoy!

    Solution 2:

    1. Download "USB Disk Security" software from Internet.

    2. Install it on your PC.

    3. Plug in your Pendrive/removable disk.

    4. Open USB Disk Security and Scan.

    5. You will get the list of viruses infected on your pendrive.

    6. Delete it and you can now safely open the Pendrive!

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