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  • Does Micromax Q25 support Whatsapp?

    Want to know if you can use Whatsapp on your Micromax Q25 smartphone? Get quick answers to your query right here.

    I would like to know if Micromax Q25 supports Whatsapp or not. It is a qwerty phone and makes typing fast and hassle free. So I wanted to know if it supports Whatsapp. Please do tell me.
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  • While the Micromax Q25 is an Android device and most Android devices do support Whatsapp, it seems the Whatsapp feature does not quite function on the device. Apparently the OS of the Micromax Q25 dual SIM smartphone is not compatible with using Whatsapp properly. So if you have not yet bought the Micromax Q25 smartphone, you could check out other QWERTY smartphones that are suitable for Whatsapp usage.


  • Please note that the Whatsapp is not supported on Micromax Q25. However, you can check it by visiting the site official WhatsApp site and check for your software platform.

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  • No, Micromax Q25 does not support WhatsApp as it doesn't have Java support. The answer above which says that, it is an Android device is wrong. The OS on which this mobile operates is neither Android nor Java. It is a proprietary OS for the basic feature phones.

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