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    Looking for good mileage vehicle with good engine capacity

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    I drive around 60kms per day. Presently I am using RTR160 apache. It is good vechile but low mileage so I am looking a vehicle for better mileage as well as good power engine. So sugesst me a vehicle with better mileage. If it is gearless that would be better, because then I think my wife also can drive. So accordingly please suggest me a good model.
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  • You can any of these bikes. All three are very good vehicles with a very good engine and mileage:

    1. Discover 125 : The Bajaj Discover has a 125 cc DTSi engine. The mileage of this bike is 84 KM/Litre. It is a very powerfull bike with a very good mileage. Its price is Rs. 53,000.

    2. Mahindra Centuro : This is a very stylish bike from Mahindra. It has a 107 CC engine. One the striking feature of this bike is its AntiTheft flip key with 96-bit encrypion. Its mileage is aroung 70 km/litre. Its price varies from 47 to 53 thousand.

    3. Hero Splendor iSmart : This is a new version of the popular Hero-Honda Splendor. It has 97 CC engine. It has an awesome mileage of 92 km/litre. It price is aroiund 50 thousand. You can also book it online at Snapdeal for 1000 Rupees.

  • You have mentioned two things:
    1) First if you are considering a motorcycle with gears then I will recommend you Bajaj discover 125 as I am using it personally for over a will give you about 40-50km/lit...just go for it.
    2) Now if you want a gear-less vehicle like scooties, then any scooty will give you good mileage as compared to above given bike, but engine will be comparably poor as compared to bikes. Now if you are going for scooty then Mahindra will be a good choice.
    All the best and I hope you will enjoy riding any of these.

  • I suggest you to buy Honda Unicorn or Hero Splendor or Bajaj Discover 100 for a better mileage with less maintenance.

    If you go with Splendor then it may give you 50-60kms / mileage and if you buy and use Bajaj Discover 100 then you may get 75-85kms mileage per liter. It has good re-sale value.

    Honda Unicorn or Honda Shine too are the best but it may give you around 50kms mileage. These bikes are better for pick-up and resale value too.


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