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  • Need tips to improve traffic for website

    Need helpful tips to increase traffic to your website? Check out the expert feedback of your website provided in the responses below.

    Here you will find my site where I have added some test related to life messages: I have submitted posts with all SEO rules but did not found good traffic here. Can you give me tips to improve this?
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  • If I were at your position as a webmaster, I'd do one of these actions to bring traffic.

    1. Video Promotion: Make funny videos which can be shared on Whatsapp or Youtube or Facebook. Make the videos with first few seconds showing the URL banner of your website. This way the website will be remembered by the people. So funny videos or the howto videos should be in your list of todo for bringing traffic.

    2. Facebook Page: The page can be used to drive a lot of traffic to your website. For example, get as many likes as you can by sharing funny content. Watermark the images with your URL on them. And that way you can also redirect people from facebook to your website.

    These should be more than enough to bring some traffic to your website.

  • You can improve traffic to your site easily if you update your site with good contents regularly. Please have a look at the below points and think yourself how you can increase traffic to your site.

    1. Advertising in various sites, giving your site link in various forums, paid advertisement drives more traffic.
    2. You can also use social media channels like facebook, twitter, pinterest to promote your content.
    3. Meta tags and title play an important role in SEO optimization.
    4. Create video advertisement of your site and share in different sites.
    5. Choose good server which provides better uptime
    6. Participate in forums and leave a link to your website if the forum allows.

  • First to Improve your Traffic, Focus on SEO both On and OFF page Seo and then submit to relevant Webmasters.

    Make use of Advertising Campaigns, Adwords and FaceBook ads.

    Choose Youtube, Fiver Platforms and Follow some Popular Blogging websites. They will give Recent Trending Techniques.

  • The website and its each page content not only required SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stuff but it shall not have excess too. It is mandatory that each page shall have enough content or information to fulfill the visitors' requirement.

    The next one is, blog content or info must be a senior too in most of the cases except like short term search content / keyword viz. news or jobs etc.

    The third one is, mass search of the keywords or topic for the day can bring enough traffic to the webpages. There won't be any traffic, or only less traffic if the webpage content is not in a demand for the search from the online visitors.

    In addition, the topic you write is international one, thus, there would be huge competition among local and international websites for the content / keyword search result. How do you present the webpage or web content differently for better search result and how do you chase international competition is, all with you.


  • Tips to improve traffic for website

    After creating any website or blog, everyone's first motive is to get good traffic. Better the traffic means better the earning. Here are few tips which will help you get a boost in your website or blog earning: -
    1. Content: - As everyone says Content in King. People will come to you only when you will give them good services or thing they need. You will need to write rich content.

    2. Social Bookmarking: - Create social accounts related to our niche and keep them updated. This will help you gain audience and regularly tell them about your latest posts as well.

    3. Advertising: - You can gain good amount of traffic by advertising about your product on website such as Facebook or Google searches. It will only cost you few bucks whereas you will get good results as well. Due to great popularity of Youtube, people are nowadays focusing on video Ads as well. You can create videos based on your product which can attract people to you. These techniques will definitely give you boost in your traffic and earning as well.

    4. Hosting: - Buy good hosting provider to host your website. It must give you a good up-time because up-time plays important role in getting ranked and divert traffic to you.

    You can use these steps to get a boost in your traffic.

    I am currently pursuing High School and planning to pursue career in Computer. Currently, I work on one of my blog - JTech Articles.

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