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  • Which are some other RPG superhero games similar to Marvel Future Fight?

    Loved the Marvel Future Fight RPG game? Check out similar superhero games from the feedback below.

    Marvel Future Fight is an action-adventure RPG video game for Android and iOS. It allows us to play the game through various superheroes. Please, tell me some other games which are similar to Marvel Future Fight. What are some Marvel Future Fight alternatives? Only suggest those games which are having superhero protagonists.
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  • I am not sure if you tried this but DC's "Injustice Among Gods" fits more close to your requirement. It has multiple scenarios in the game. You can choose hero or the Vilian and complete the game with it's own campaign.

    Compared to Marvel Future Fight game, the "Injustice Gods among us" is full of heroes with their inner darkness. And by darkness I mean they are not your typical heroes and are full of their own agendas. You'll enjoy playing heroes for their darkside, especially the superman and aquaman.

    I played this game on Console and absolutely loved it. You'll enjoy both heroes and vilians in it. As this game is partially ported onto the app on android and iOS. Give it a shot.

    There is also another game "Batman Arkham Origins". You get to play against Suicide squad members. The gameplay is very captivating despite you playing without any superpowers. You don't get much options for play here for obvious reasons.

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