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  • Where to legally download game music of Dr.Driving game for Android?

    Loved the music of Dr.Driving game? Check out if there is any online portal where you can download it on your Android smartphone legally.

    There is this game I am playing nowadays on my Android smartphone. Its name is Dr. Driving. I like its in-game music or you can say background sound. I want to know the name of its soundtrack. Or please provide a download link to download the background music (mp3 file) legally of Dr. Driving.
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  • First thing, You can't find Any Legal Source for downloading this. Even Though if you want the Music of that Game, there are more sources for that.

    1 ) You can Record the music while playing the Game

    2) If you don't want to do Step 1. Already Someone would have done that. so in Youtube Search for that.

    3) Download the Audio Part from that YouTube Video.

    Use this youtube link in any youtube downloader app to download it in mp3 format.

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