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  • Best magazines to know updated tech news

    Want to remain updated about the latest tech news? Check out the suggestions given below on the best magazines you can refer to.

    Which magazines are useful for awareness towards technology? In today's world, it is necessary to be updated with technology related news. Suggest some good magazines which provides a lot of information regarding the advancement of technology and science & other related aspects.
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  • Well, rather than opting for magazines, it would be advisable to go for technology websites., and are some of good examples. However, if you want to opt for magazines, here are a few suggestions -

    1. Chip
    It was one of the best tech related magazines. It used to provide a range of computer tips and tricks. Unfortunately it has now been discontinued. However, you can access it via their official website on

    2. Digit
    It keeps you abreast with the knowledge of technology events etc er month. is their official website.

    3. Computer World
    The magazine is popular all over India. It offers you accurate technological information. It is in fact, one of the oldest magazines.

    4. Developer IQ
    It is one of the great technological magazines in India. It offers you many technological informations. Though it basically caters to software technology, it also publishes articles on other allied topics.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • I follow below mentioned websites for the technology news.

    1. Ars:Technica - This online tech news site has lot of quality content. They don't publish any random news. And most of their authors write in depth quality content.

    2. TechCrunch - They have news on Startups, tech, money and social media. Most of their news related to startup and tech are popular as they release the news lot quicker than other channels.

    3. Mashable - Apart from the above mentioned tech sites you can find mashable more interesting for internet based news. All the online topics are covered here.

    4. BoingBoing - This is another quality resource website. They have different categories of news and article posted every day. Most of the news on this site will keep you updated for news related to "Internet of things".

    These are the website that I personally keep tab on and use on regular basis.

  • Here are some good magazines for technology news and reviews :

    1. PC World : It is a very popular computer magazine. It covers tech news, gadget reviews, computer tips and tricks etc. As of 2013, it is only available in digital format.
    Website :

    2. PCMag : One of the oldest tech magazine in the market. It was started in 1982. It covers reviews and previews of latest products. Similar to PC World, it gets publish in digital format only.
    Website :

    3. PC Gamer : As the name suggests, it is gaming magazine. However, it also reviews desktop PCs, Laptops, gaming peripherals etc.
    Website :

    4. Mobile Mag : This magazing covers smartphone and mobile news, reviews, previews, tips etc.
    Website :

    Other : Digit, Chip, MaccWorld, TechCrunch etc. are some good tech magazines in the market.

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