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    How to get back Micromax Yureka battery from service center

    Given your Micromax Yureka smartphone for servicing and got another set back but without its battery? Get expert advice on what you can do now.

    I am using Micromax Yureka mobile from the last 7 months..
    now I got a problem about not charging when battery gets to certain amount of %. So I gave my mobile to Micromax centre and they sent mobile with battery to Yureka head office in Delhi. After 15 days I got my mobile (new piece) through the courier. They have replaced my mobile with Yureka plus, but I didn't get my old battery or a new one. They sent only handset without battery. What to do now?
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  • Well, practically there is nothing better than following it up with the concerned service center. In fact,the actual practice is to send the device without battery for repairs. Whenever, they send your phone for repairs, they usually give the battery back to you and then send it to their repair center. But, since they have replaced the De ice model itself, your case is entirely different. I would advice you to go elsewhere a written complaint at the service center and never forget to get the acknowledgement for the same.
    You can write to thir their customer care quoting all your reference numbers. Also find their twitter handles and keep tweeting about your issues. Try shooting mail after mails about the issue.
    And if nothing fruitfulness happens even after all these exercises, you can threaten them that you will move consumer forum/court. Ultimately, if all fails consumer forums should be the last resort.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • You should contact Micromax service centre again and ask them about battery.
    they will help you
    you can also mail micromax mobile company to get the instructions for getting your battery back.

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