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  • Why Twitter & Linkedin paid advertising is at a high price?

    Annoyed that Twitter & Linkedin paid advertising is at a higher price than other similar programs? Know the reasons for having to pay higher for Why Twitter & Linkedin paid advertising.

    I have used Facebook and Google ads where I can optimize the landing page or campaign with the less cost charge. But in Linkedin & Twitter paid ads are starting from 1$ per click for each follower, website visit or lead. Any perfect answer for my question as to why this high price tag?
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  • Twitter and Linked In have surpassed the popularity of Facebook especially in the world of business and profession. While people love to stay connected through Facebook for social interactions, Twitter and Linked In are preferred by the business world to stay in touch.
    And wherever there are more scope for commercial and professional interaction, the value of things rises up. It is almost like you pay more for commercial spaces than that of residential.
    Today bigger companies across the globe are more into these two sites rather than Facebook. Even Political people are increasingly getting involved in Tweeting and getting updates in Linked In, whereas you don't get that hyped updates from Facebook that often. Twitter is more event oriented and Linked In is more into business deals. But Facebooks stands a little bit stagnant in comparison to these two sites. So the value of ad increases with the value of the site in terms of popularity.

  • Three things to consider while researching the price for the platform.

    1. Targeting
    2. Conversion
    3. Social Reach

    In case of linkedIn being professional network for connections on the job market and business front, the leads are targeted. In case of twitter the topic and the region are more targeted just like LinkedIn.

    Conversion of the ads in some of the categories for the LinkedIn are very strong. Twitter is also good with conversion for some region and the specific audience.

    Social reach of both these platforms serve specific user base. So the advertising justifies the price.

    However all of these platform are yet to reach the same quality of lead conversion like Facebook and Google ads. Considering google adwords makes up 63% of the earning of Google can tell you that Google adwords pricing is total value for money.

    I'd say Twitter and LinkedIn are good for specific type of audience and the conversion results are also specific to that.

  • Twitter and Linkedin are usually used by professionals all over the world. There are less fake accounts on these websites as compared to Facebook which is filled with fake accounts. Therefore on websites like Twitter and Linkedin your content is shown to quality users instead of fake clients. This gets you better conversion.

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