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  • How to improve traffic to website

    Worried about getting poor traffic to your website despite useful content? Our experts will explain how to improve the content of your site and give useful tips on getting better traffic.

    I have created one website I also added some useful content but did not get enough traffic. Can anyone help out and explain how to improve traffic to my site? Check out my site and let me know accordingly.
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  • You need to publicize your site in different places, like mainly in social media sites, and also you can advertise it using adwords and other online advertising programs.

    But you have to keep repeating this advertising practice by keeping your site alive with constant flow of good content.

    You can also post each individual article of your site in the different groups that share the same subject category. This too needs regular popularizing following the same method.

    Hope that works.

  • Thanks for your words here.

    Actually I have already started posting some articles on social media but still not getting a proper result. I want to try some SEO tip like link building and some others, but have not got a proper idea.

    If you have any idea then can you please update how can I try basic SEO or something else for getting traffic?

  • Your website is based on the Whatsapp so you have to target the users who are using the app. Make sure you circulate jokes, images and videos with your website in the credits.

    For example if you find any funny video then just watermark the website name in the credits. This way your website will be remembered by the users while they surf on web for the content to share.

    Another point is to find the social media sharing buttons on your posts. Make sure it has share on Whatsapp feature enabled.

  • One thing that you can try is sign up on several social bookmarking sites like digg, stumbleupon, pinterest, delicious, slashdot, reddit and more. There is a plethora of social bookmarking sites out there. You should register on all of them and post your content link and description on the sites. This can bring you traffic if you have great content.
    Second thing is that improve the design of your website to your best. Create some good logo and improve the way the heading 'whatsappguru' is presented. I am saying this because your website is basically about media (mostly images). To improve the user experience you can also put up some interesting widgets on your website which will make visitors return to your website more often. Let me tell you, if a user comes to your website and he enjoys navigating through your website, then he may spread the word to his friends.
    If you have a facebook page share the links of your posts on your facebook page.
    Another thing is that you should comment on other popular websites in your niche and include the link of your website. Some website allow this.
    The last thing I want to say is that make sure that your website is responsive (it should work well on smartphones, tablets and PCs as well). In addition to that make your website as fast as possible by technically optimizing your pages.

  • There are various ways to improve traffic to your site. Some of the ways includes:
    1. Advertising in various sites, paid advertisement drives more traffic.
    2. Use social media channels to promote your content.
    3. Try to vary the length and format of your posts.
    4. Write suitable meta tags and title for your content.
    5. Create internal links to your website within your website.
    6. Your website should be accessible and comfortably viewable across all the devices.
    7. Put less content in your homepage so that your website will be fast.
    8. Participate in different forums and leave a link to your website if the forum allows.
    9. Update the contents regularly.

  • As per your domain name, Google or other search engine may understand and consider it as more related to Apps info site than technical one. The next one is, you have to use this domain name effectively for posting various apps and its related info. There is no issue in case if you would like to add the content of technical gadget that is more related with software and apps.

    The next one is, you have to draft and post the article on your blog in a such way that, your blog content must be search engine friendly to index them upon visitor's key-in search. Most of the bloggers or writers used to skip this step where lacking for indexing the content of our post for the right search. Beside that, you have to follow the basic SEO pattern normally and present the content in a professional manners.


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