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  • What is the best way to learn Android app development?

    Eager to learn how to develop Android apps? Our experts will give you guidance on the right path.

    I am a mechanical engineer and know about C programming and its use. I have good experience of using C language. I now want to develop applications for Android platform. As I am from not software background, I do not know how to start on this. Please guide me through step by step to learn development of Android application. Also give me online resources and other prerequisites.
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  • Hello Paresh,

    First of all there is no specific software engineering course required for app development,but if you have done software engineering its half done.In your case you have knowledge of C programming so something is better than nothing.First of in start decide what you wants to do i.e. android apps,ios,etc.You should have clear focus and attitude to learn new things nothing else required for this.
    You can opt out free course offered by many groups i.e.ALISON,Microsoft virtual academy and list goes on.By this you can learn own and at your free time.Just go through and become app developer.

  • Android app development is heavily focused on Java language. That doesn't mean you can't use Python or other languages. It just means that the app development is easier with java due to the toolset available.

    You don't need to do any specific degree course to make apps on android platform. You however need to learn from sources like Udemy, Coursera or the Skillshare etc. You can also join Lynda or Treehouse to learn android platform. The tutorials on those websites are more than enough for you to get started. Apart from paid courses do take a look at YouTube video tutorials in case if you are low on money to join any course.

    Step 1: You need Android Studio and SDK to get started building App development.

    Step 1: Join Udemy or Teamtreehouse for a months training on android. Or follow YouTube video tutorials on android app development.

    Step 3: Build your own small project.

    Step 4: Publish your app on android store (Google play).

  • To make Android apps with Android SDK, you need to code in Java. But I suggest you to use Unity engine instead of Android SDK. Basically, it is a game engine, but one can also create apps with this tool. You can either code in JavaScript (UnityScript) or C#. The best advantage of this tool is that, once you are done writing code, then you can automatically compile that code for Android, Windows Phone and iOS as well as PC, PlayStation, Xbox and few other platforms. This way all your have to do is to write code, compile it and publish the apps to their respective stores.
    Now, if you want to choose from JavaScript and C#, then I suggest you to learn JavaScript because it has better community support. Just my opinion

  • You should first download the latest ADT from their official website. Now read the documentation and implement them one by one on Android Studio which is the official IDE for Android development from Google.
    Apart from that there are many demos or examples which can be imported directly into Android Studio and run directly. You can then check the source code and learn how it is programmed. I think learning from source code can be the best thing once you have a basic understanding of development.
    Now that you know C programming, you can learn Java which is used mostly in Android development.
    For Android development you should have a PC with reasonably good specifications (it should have a graphics card - 1 GB recommended). These applications rely heavily on graphics and for emulating a phone on your PC requires quite a lot processing.

  • Android programming is an interesting field of programming with challenges with it. As programming is not an easy task. You should be hard working and Passionate about programming to learn programming. Other wise, you will not succeed. This result you to leave with our being a good programmer. So, If you are passionate about android programming, here are some of information to learn android programming.

    Since, android programming is done in Java Language, you first need to learn java programming language. As you have C knowledge, It will not be too hard to learn for you.

    Download the Android app development tool. You will need Android Studio and SDK manager. Download Android Studio from and SDK manager from Besides these, you need to have installed a Code Editor I would recommend Eclipse because it is mostly used for Android app development and have many features included. You can download the Eclipse from

    After this, you can search for nice tutorial for Android App Development. You can find plenty of them as you searched on google. YouTube also contains series of videos containing lessons for Android App Development. I would recommend you It is the best I have ever had.

    In this way, you can learn android programming. Hope this helps you. Thank You

  • The best online resources to learn the basics of Android app development can be listed as below.

    1. UDACITY
    They have courses tutored by Google engineers. The courses run for a period of approximately eight weeks.

    2. Android developer training

    These documentations show you the way you can use Google tools. It lets you have clear understanding of IDE.
    Once confident enough, you will need the tools mentioned in previous responses. The Android SDK and Eclipse ( the current default IDE for Anfoidr development) play a major role in developing the apps.
    Android Studio which has been in a long beta is expected and planned to replace Eclipse as a default IDE.

    Live....and Let Live!

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