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    How to resolve problem for AdSense application

    Unable to apply for an AdSense account due to having another account? Understand the problem with the help of our experts and let them explain what you should do.

    When I apply for Adsence it shows "You are currently signed in as shwetha.***** which already has an AdSense account. We only support one AdSense account per individual or business."

    However, when I try to sign in to the AdSense account, it shows message as: "Account Not Active. An AdSense account does not exist for this login, as it is associated with an unapproved application. For more information about your application, please review the message we sent to the email address you provided with your application."

    Please explain what could be the problem and what I should do.
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  • Hello,

    From your description it seems that your account is already there but its not approved/activated by google. Please check your inbox of mail account or spam folder and check that any mail arrived from google related to Adsense ? If yes then read it and resolve any problem written in mail.If you haven't got any mail from google just wait for some time as google takes time to approve the account.Same thing happened to me also as I haven't got any mail from google and approval was pending.But after time say 2 month I got approved account and I am using it well

  • Hi Shweta,

    The problem is clear in your Explanation. It's true that you have Ad Sense account, but the problem with it is, it's not Approved.So, Once check your mail, Ad sense team will provide you with the details why they haven't Approved your Account. Follow those instructions and clear them

    Example like ( no contact page or About me page ) So try to fix them and resubmit.

    There's another option. Apply with another gmail account and see. Just before applying, once check it out all and then Apply.
    Hope this helps you to Solve your Problem.

  • I would like to know whether AdSense team stated the same email address that you are using? It may be silly question but would like to confirm the email address first to explain further.

    Sometime using our multiple emails (addresses or wrong address to open AdSense a/c) create issue on this too. Anyhow, if it is the same email address then check it for AdSense account using the same email address, and if still has an issue then wait for few more days to get partial AdSense account approval. Till that you can continue to contribute as usual.


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