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  • How to improve Google Adsense revenue at my website?

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    I have a big problem with Google Adsense revenue. I have got approval for my website and added some ads on it. Right now I have got around 1$ per day and have 0.05 cpc for all days. Does anyone have a proper idea on how I can improve this? Could you give me some tips? My site is: Please check it and accordingly advise.
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  • I think you need engaging content for which your users can stay longer on the website. If you are getting random clicks from user on the website then your revenue will be fluctuating.

    You need to make sure that your content is not typical of something that is found on another website.

    Write unique content. Make sure your content belongs to you and not same copied or revised content from another sources. Original content gets more traffic from the Google and other search engines.

    Get more social media traffic. They can make you some money. You should be sharing each post on the facebook and twitter on regular basis.

    Also improve your ad placement. This makes the most of the earning for you. The wrong placement of the ad often makes things harder for your website to earn.

  • Hi Gaurang,
    I have checked your website and its Good. These are the issues which I think you should consider.

    First is the Theme which you are using. Change it immediately to a Nice theme.

    Second is, I saw your Alexa info and you are getting Organic traffic but the problem is your Bounce rate is high. Try to reduce that with Inter Linking.

    Try to improve your backlinks. Try to build Quality Links to your site. Your Link influence score is less, try to improve with high PR and DA, PA links.

    If the Problem is with low CPC, try to block Low CTR ads in Ad-sense Ad review Center.

    Hope this Solves your Problem and also Google for Simple tweaks to Improve Google Adsense.

  • Hello Pranay,
    Thanks for your great suggestion here,

    First related to theme:
    I am also planning to change theme and searching for that. i will change it soon..

    Second related to Alexa. :
    Actually i got your point at back link but don't understand about influence score.. how can i get this score..? Do you have any tips that how can i improve this..?
    And what exactly DA and PA..?

    Regarding Ad-sense : Have already started research on this.

    I am also planning to give my site for seo should it will improve revenue..?

  • Your website is average and you can improve a bit to present it better. A member already replied some of the important points and you can concentrate on those stuff.

    My suggestion is to give new information to the audience and at least post one article daily. The article you post must have search engine friendly Keywords and at the same time shall not overuse the keywords.

    In case if you remove low CTR ads then you will get another similar range ads so you have to block it every time. Thus, it is better to leave it.


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