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    Which instrument is more risky day: trading or future/option

    Doubtful about whether intraday trading or future/option tradin is riskier and less profitable? Get expert feedback right here.

    I am having a little experience in intraday trading but none in future and option trading. Can any one explain me about future and option trading in detail? Which trading is more risky - intraday or future and option? And Why? Also for person wanting to have low risk in his capital which strategy is to be followed? Out of these two, which one is more profitable?
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  • Binary option as it says in the definition itself is like either you earn money or you earn nothing at all. So your investment has chances of earning some specific income or you lose the money completely.

    Binary Trading Forex and Futures are more on speculation compared to regular share market. It can contain the assets like forex, shares and the other types of the trading.

    You may find that option trading is quite risky compared to day market. Binary options also has more chances of losing money compared to the day market where you can hold the money in the hope of prices being adjusting in future.

    If you are risk tolerant then surely you can go ahead and trade in futures. This will take you few months but you will eventually get good at it as you learn ahead.

  • Future trading is relatively more risky than the day and options trading. Although, day trading is simple and delivers instant results, but still people adore trading in options market. The options market gives the traders huge flexibility and allows them to choose the expiry time as per their desire.

    In this , you will find more information about binary options trading.

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