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  • How to avail of smart benefits while purchasing LG G4

    Eager to get the benefits of LG G4 smartphone? Check out quickly from our experts how to get the best offer on it and avail of great benefits.

    Two Months before, One of my friends bought me LG G4 for me from QRS, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram. Very recently I came to know about the smart benefits I can avail with LG G4.

    The benefits to avail are:
    1. Free metallic cover within the box. (I got this)

    2. Free One time screen replacement

    3. Free Battery with cradle for charging

    The one which I am looking to avail is the third one. This does not usually come inside the box, it is said that it will be given for free separately.

    For this first I contacted the LG customer service and they told me to register my product. So I registered my product online, but I got no response from LG. After that I again contacted customer service, this time they told me to contact the dealer from where I bought the device.

    But when I enquired about this offer with the dealer, they said it has to be done online and they have no offer for me from their side. But when I insisted, they told me that the offer was very recently given to the buyers and I purchased the product long before the offer really came into existence.

    But this is not true according to the terms and conditions given in LG website. It is written that the offer is valid until November 30. So How shall I avail this offer. Kindly help me in this situation.
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  • Well, if you have a copy of terms and conditions with you, I would suggest you to send them a email indicating your issues. You can find the email ID at the Contact us link on their website.
    Apart from that, one more strategy that works quite well in such circumstances is making your issues public on their twitter handle. Follow LG's official handle on twitter and complain about your issues. You will definitely be contacted by them within a couple of hours.
    Make sure to keep a record of your purchase documents like invoice with you.
    I have used this strategy multiple times with different manufacturers.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • I think the dealer is lying to you.
    The customer care of any agency or company will not provide wrong information to their customers as they have to gain trust of the buyer.
    Examine clearly if you are eligible for offer or not. If you are, then go to the dealer and show him the responses of the consumer support that is "contact the dealer".

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