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  • Best mutual funds to invest with moderate risk

    Want to invest your money in mutual funds and get reasonable returns on your investments? Read this thread to know the best mutual funds to invest with moderate risk.

    I am looking forward to invest in best mutual fund having moderate risk but highest return. Also tell me its detail like tax benefit, entry time (can I enter in that any time), entry load, exit load, good track record with high asset management company. Minimum amount to invest. Can I buy it with my existing broker? I have gone through many websites but it simply confuses me more. Please guide.
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  • Fundsindia seems to be the best choice for buying the funds of your choice.

    They have a fund explorer software that caters to your requirement. For example add the age, goal, and the risk type. This way you can choose which funds suits you need. But do note that if you choose to not go through broker like fundsindia then you have to search for funds on your own.

    Check out valueresearchonline and to check out how to choose the mutual funds (debt or equity).

    In case of moderate risk you have to choose mid cap funds or the liquid funds(if short duration). Make sure that if you choose to go with the large cap funds don't keep the SIP for less than 5 years. Make sure your SIP duration is 5 or more years.

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