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  • Android Marshmallow OS release date and unique features

    Heard about the forthcoming launch of Android Marshmallow OS? Check out which would be the possible first device to have this new OS and also its unique features from this Ask Expert page.

    After couple of well known Android OS from Google releases like KitKat and Jelly Bean etc. now we got some tech news from various sources about Google that it may releasing the next Android Operating System version which is called 'Marshmallow'. I would like to know whether Android Marshmallow OS would be the best one and what is so special about Marshmallow compared to previous Android OS version? Which brand device can we expect as the first one to release with Marshmallow OS?
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  • Android Marshmallow is the latest version of the Android Operating system. We will not be able to provide a specific time frame to the availability or release of the update. Google will be coming up with the next Nexus phones with Android Marshmallow out of the box. As for other devices, it all depends on manufacturers and carriers. It may take years or just a couple of months. Android One devices and Google Nexus phones would be the first ones to get the update as has been our experience with previous Android versions.
    Here are a few features that would be making an entry with the Marshmallow update -

    1. Android Pay
    In lone with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, Google will be making it user friendly payment gateway. It is being made more secure with the creation of virtual accounts. You can make payments for the products or services just by tapping your phone against the NFC terminal at the retailer.

    2. Improved RAM manager
    Your phone will now offer you a more detailed view of the RAM usage. It shows the RAM used by individual apps. This will help you identify rogue apps that hog more memory and decide to get rid of them. It will also.let the developers identify the faults in their apps and rectify them.

    3. Better Google Now
    Google Now service is now more stabilised and grown enormously. It will offer contextual information on anything you are doing on your phone on just a single tap. You can search for nearby restaurants while you are checking the recipe on a site. Or you can check artist's information when watching a video. Google is moving on to make Google Now a practical virtual assistant.

    4. Improved App permissions
    You need not worry about app permissions now. You can permit an app to perforn some tasks on the basis of the need. Like if one of your apps wants to use the camera, it will ask for permission every time it wants to. It cannot do it unless you permit. So you are in complete control of what your apps do.

    5. Doze
    This is one of the new features in Android Marshmallow that keeps a check on the battery usage. It identifies when your phone is idle and restricts the background processes. You can set which apps you don't want to be dozed though.

    These are just a few new features coming up with Android Marshmallow update. Keep watching this site for more information on Android Marshmallow.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Another android platform has been declared by Google. It is named in the same trend and will be known as andriod Marshmallow. As far as the releasing date is concerned, Google is going to launch it on 29th on a special event where the first look of the latest andriod platform will be shown in Nexus devices.

    You are really lucky if you are a Nexus owner.

    Features for Android 6.0 are as follows:

    App permissions:
    App permissions are more simplified, you will now be able to deny individual permissions if it doesn't suits you.

    Web experience:
    Google has taken the web experience to the next level in the latest andriod version, also there will be a customized Google Chrome.

    Fingerprint support:
    Andriod phones running on andriod Marshmallow will have a new function of fingerprint scanning. Ofcourse a hardware support will also be required.

    RAM manager and Charging:
    There will be more accurate and reasonable information regarding the RAM consumed. Charging will be quick and will drain slowly.

    As far as looks are concerned there will be many changes new app drawers, theme and rotating home screen are some of them.

    For users other than nexus may wait for one more month, however some of the famous mobile brands such as htc, sony have declared about the latest andriod marshmallow.

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