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  • How to root Micromax Canvas Spark

    Unable to root Micromax Canvas Spark? Check out the detailed free tutorial given by experts here.

    I would like to know the complete step by step procedure to root Micromax Canvas Spark. Please explain in detail as I don't have much idea about it.
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  • Things you need to keep in mind before rooting are:
    1.Minimum percent of charged Battery available should b more then 80%
    Internet connection is also required to download the android lollipop rooting apk.

    Steps to root your phone:

    1. First of all Download android lollipop 5.0 rooting apk from to root canvas spark.
    2. After Downloading the app Install it as normal app .
    3. Now after installing go to your app drawer and launch the app .
    4. After launching the app Go to Drop down menu and choose
    Install Supersu
    5. Now Choose Exploit.
    6. Now The app Will take Hardly some seconds to root your micromax canvas spark .
    7. After getting the Confirmation message
    8. Make a reboot of the device.

    And that's all Your micromax canvas spark is successfully rooted.

  • There are various methods of rooting your phone. You can use a classic way in which every needed task is completed by the user, while the second method uses apps designed specifically for the purpose. Most of the users make use of the apps method because it reduces the possibility of error.
    One of such methods is here. You use the app named Framaroot in this method.
    1. Download the Framaroot app from and install it on your phone.

    2. Select Install superuser.

    3. You need to select an exploit now. Choose one and wait. If it is successful, a message will notify you the same. If not, try with another exploit.

    4. Once it is done, you will get a message stating that superuser access has been granted. It means you have successfully rooted your phone.

    Please note that rooting voids your warranty. Also if something goes wrong while rooting, you phone may get bricked. Please proceed with care and at your own risk.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • There are many methods which can help you in rooting your device the best one among them is posted below:

    You need:
    1. kingroot.apk v4.0. You can download it from here. (

    2. Your andriod device.

    Step 1: install kingroot in your andriod device.

    Step 2: after installing tap on lock which you see in a green circle.

    Step 3: tap Right sign which comes on the screen.

    Step 4: Reboot your device and thats it.

    Please note that rooting is not an official method it has several disadvantages too. So perform rooting on your own risk.

  • Here are the simple steps to root your Micromax Canvas Spark smartphone. But make sure to follow each and every step very carefully as you may face the failure as many other did.

    Requirements before starting the Process of Rooting:
    1. You must charge the battery of your smartphone more then around 80%.

    2. You should have a good Internet connection on your smartphone for downloading the rooting apk file.

    3. You should be patient.

    4. Make sure to follow each and every step very carefully as if you failed in the process then you may brick your smartphone and then that will be of no use, even the customer care center will not allow you to run that device again. And you will also loose the manufacturer warranty once you rooted your smartphone. But the interesting thing is that you will have the Admin permission with you after rooting your smartphone.

    5. Make sure to follow these steps only and only on your Micromax Canvas Spark smartphone.

    6. That's all, let's start the process.

    Steps to root your Micromax Canvas Spark
    1. Firstly, download the rooting apk from this link - "".
    2. After downloading this file, just install it safely on your smartphone.
    3. Now once after the installation finish, go to the app drawer of your smartphone and then launch that rooting apk file or app.
    4. Now you will see some options on the screen, just go to dropdown.
    5. Now select Install Supersu.
    6. Then tap on Exploit.
    7. Now you need not to do anything, the app will work for you, just wait for some seconds so that your Micromax canvas spark will get rooted.
    8. Now after this, you will get a Confirmation message.
    9. If you have got the Confirmation message, just reboot your Micromax canvas spark smartphone.
    10. That's all to do with this simple method to root your Micromax canvas spark smartphone.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

  • I have this device and just yesterday, I have rooted it. Here are the steps to root Canvas Spark :

    1. Download latest version of Kingroot app from this link - .

    2. Then, install and open it on your device.

    3. Now, just tap the blue button which says "Try To Root".

    4. Then, wait for some minutes. From my personal experience, it will not take more than 2 minutes to root the device.

    Note : You need to turn on the data connection during the whole rooting process. Moreover, do not uninstall Kingroot app, it is required to give root privileges to the other apps afterwards.

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