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  • How do I install Windows 10 for free in laptop with Ubuntu?

    Want to install the new Windows 10 OS in a laptop having Ubuntu? Know the correct procedure to do so from our software experts.

    I am planning to install a new version of recently launched Windows 10 in my laptop with following configuration:
    Current OS: Ubuntu
    RAM - 1 GB
    HDD - 60 GB
    Dual core processor
    Year make: 2008 February

    Can I install windows 10 for free in my laptop Ideapad Y510 with above configuration? How to start with it? Please give me step by step procedure.
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  • There is a way to install Windows within Ubuntu, though I have not used it. The method makes use of Virtual Box. Here are the steps needed-

    1. Install Virtual Box.

    2. Now click on New in Virtual Box. The resulting wizard lets you create virtual space on your PC.

    3. Now go to Settings and then on Storage.

    4. Now mount the installation file for Windows 10.

    I am sorry for not being able to provide you with complete installation procedure. I am not an expert in it. I would advice you go for an expert advice.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Your computer configuration is not good enough for the Windows 10.

    RAM is too low even if you remove Ubuntu Linux and try to install Windows 7. In such case the RAM is low enough for the good performance of system.

    Though Windows does tell you that it can play along well with your configuration. But if you try to even open more than one application on such configuration then your system won't perform good.

    After using Windows 10 for some time now I can tell you that RAM of 1GB won't be good enough and same is the case with process and HDD.

    I suggest you to stick with your current Linux OS.

    Based on your current RAM configuration, you can't even use the Windows 10 in a virtual box or using any virtual machine software on Linux.

    Stick with Linux on such Old hardware and you can use that machine for one more decade if you use Lubuntu or XFCE based linux distro.

    Windows 7 and onwards operating system won't do any good for the current set of Hardware if you expect better performance.

  • Follow these steps :

    1. Download Windows 10 ISO image from this link - or read this thread.

    2. Make a bootable DVD or Pen Drive of Windows 10.

    3. Connect it with your PC and reboot it. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to install Windows 10 on your PC.

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