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  • What is TinyOwl apps and how it benefits

    Heard about TinyOwl apps? Find out here how to install and use it, as also its benefits.

    One of the well known apps is TinyOwl. How to use TinyOwl apps? How effective it is and what are the things to do to proceed with it? Is there any special benefit of using TinyOwl app? Kindly provide the details including how to download TinyOwl app and install it.
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  • TinyOwl is an app for ordering food online. It works on the same lines as FoodPanda. You do not need to have any special technical know how to be able to use it effectively. Just download it and install from your app store as you would do with any of your regular apps and games.
    Once launched, it will identify your location and show a list of nearby restaurants. You can select your favourite from the list and then order for your food as per your need.
    The app has been stated to have good customer support system. It has been praised for its neat and innovative interface. Once the food is ordered you may make payments either in cash on delivery, or by credit/debit card and netbanking.
    TinyOwl has three different apps -
    1. TinyOwl Restaurants - You can use this app for ordering food from nearby restaurants. They are operational in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune. They have plans to expand to other cities soon.

    2. TinyOwl Home made - If you love homemade food rather than from hotels, you may opt for this app. It is presently has its service limited to a few suburbs of Mumbai.

    3. TO Business - This is an app for the restaurants and people who have tied up with TinyOwl to carry out their food business. Once registered with TinyOwl, they can use the app to manage their business.

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  • TinyOwl is a food ordering app. It helps you to order food from nearby restaurants while sitting at home. You can compare the price of particular food on different restaurants. You can also order homemade cuisins. You can either pay in advance or via cash on delivery.

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