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    How to download Whatsapp on Nokia E63

    Want to install Whatsapp on your Nokia E63 smartphone? Free expert tutorials are provided here.

    I would like to know if it is possible to download Whatsapp on Nokia E63. If possible, please tell me step by step procedure to download and install Whatsapp on Nokia E63.
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  • WhatsApp was supported on Nokia E63 till recently. Of late, users have been complaining about not being able to have proper access to the app. It seems there are some compatibility issues with the latest changes implemented by WhatsApp in its recent updates.
    You may try the following methods though which may or may not work -

    1. Go to and search for E63 apps. If you get to find the app therein, send the link to your phone and install it on your device.

    2. Visit Go to the Downloads link, select the platform as Symbian S60. Click on the link and install it on your phone.

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  • As per the recent information attained Whatsapp on Nokia E63 is supported, but due to complaints about the misfunctioning of Whatsapp there has been many issues regarding this problem recently.

    You may use the following methods to download Whatsapp on Nokia E63:

    As java is supported on Nokia E63 you can download the java program for Whatsapp which is available on many of the websites.

    If you find the above method as sophistic, you can go to and search for Whatsapp. If you get the app there, send the link of the app to your phone after getting the link you can download whatsapp from there.

  • You can easily use Whatsapp on your Nokia E63 phone by using the easy steps mentioned above. But make sure to follow those steps carefully as your one mistake can lead to the failure.


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