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  • How to solve contact or phone-book issue in a smartphone

    Puzzled about the constant disappearance of your contacts from your smartphone? Check out the possible reasons and how to resolve the problem.

    My smartphone always gives some problem like sudden disappearance of the list of people under 'contact' icon and I am unable to retrieve and call them or SMS them. This issue happens when I use net connectivity and disconnect them. Is there any issue in my Smartphone or is there any virus that traps my contact list for a while? What is the reason for me being unable to see phone book or contact list unable for a long duration (it shows automatically after 30+ minutes or an hour)? How to solve this problem?
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  • The problem might be your slow processor. Do scan your phone daily to avoid these types of problems.

    The first solution for your problem:
    1. Go to contacts.
    2. Click on 3 vertical dotted sign on top right.
    3. Select " All Contacts".

    Second solution:
    1. make a backup of your important files and contacts.
    2. Do a factory reset.
    This may not work if your whole phone is not working properly.

  • If you are continuously facing this problem then, it may be due to the ill functioning of your contacts app. To resolve the problem download a new app from playstore, which can store all your contacts.

    Method 2:
    Sometimes it may happen that your settings are not up to the mark, in that case try the below provided method.
    1. Open the "Contacts" app
    2. Press on the menu in the top-right corner (three vertical dots)
    "Contacts to display"
    3. Select "All contacts" if it isn't already

    If "All contacts" hasn't been selected, then this was probably the solution to your problem. However, if all contacts were already displayed, lets try something else.

    Method 3:
    Try to backup your contacts so the next time if you loose your contacts. You can restore them from there.

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