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    Best camera for easy use for entire family

    Planning to buy a good camera for family trips? Check out the feedback & reviews provided here for your quick reference.

    I want to know the best camera for family usage, because me and my family go on lots of trips and tours. So can someone suggest me the best camera to capture our wonderful moments? I would also like to know the comparison between Nikon and Canon cameras - which one of these are better? Further, where to buy one - online or from a local shop?
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  • If you are looking for an easy to use camera that anyone can use, I suggest buying a point and shoot (PnS) camera. I've personally used PnS, Bridge cameras and DSLRs in the past, and safely say that for regular everyday use there's nothing that beats a PnS.

    It is very easy to carry, requires no maintenance and is pretty inexpensive as well. Regarding preference for Canon and Nikon, I suggest none. Canon and Nikon are extremely good brands and make very good DSLRs. However, I've found out, with my experience, that Sony makes some of the best point and shoot cameras. I'm not saying that Canon/Nikon do not make good PnS cameras, but Sony cameras are the most easy to use for all genres of people.

    Since, you've not mentioned your budget, I will not be able to give you any model numbers to check out. An advantage of buying on the internet is the availability of deals and discounts. However, make sure you buy from a reputed online retailer like Flipkart and Amazon.

  • Point and shoot cameras are perfect for your needs. And Nikon and Cannon both brands of cameras have the low cost options. Sony Cybershot also has some affordable models.

    If your budget is from 2000 Rs onwards then you have plenty of cameras to choose from.

    Here are some of the starter models which are affordable and also good for the family photos.

    1. Canon IXUS 160
    2. Nikon Coolpix S2900
    3. Sony DSC W830 Cyber-shot
    4. Canon Powershot SX400 IS 16MP

    These cameras are affordable and also come up with features that can compete with expensive cameras. In case resolution you'd get around 13 MPX for that price. And the more budget you take higher the more megapixels to gain for in the camera.

  • I would like to suggest you to please mentioned the price range in your question so that the experts could come up with more better solutions. Though without considering the price issues I will suggest you these options:-

    1. Sony DSC W830 Cyber-shot

    2. Canon IXUS 160

    They both are really great cameras considering in terms of price and performance. You can easily shoot like professionals with these two cameras available in the market. You can click some HD pics and record in a very beautiful HD quality. I am sure, these two cameras will surely give you a great experience. Or you won't like to go with these options then I would like to suggest you to go for any camera from Sony company. As Sony is specially famous for their cameras. Even the Sony cameras which comes in the smartphones are really great and gives a great performance to the users. So I would completely support Sony in terms of cameras.


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