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    Which is the safest Web browser among I.E.9 / I.E. 10 or Firefox or Google Chrome?

    Are you looking for safest web browser among Internet Explorer 9 or 10, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox? Also want to know the reason behind it? Find the answer here.

    I have a doubt. Which one among the following is the safest browser to browse the web?
    1. Internet Explorer 9 / Internet Explorer 10
    2. Mozilla Firefox or
    3. Google Chrome.
    Please narrate your reasons too.
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  • In my view, Internet Explorer 9 or 10 will be best among all browsers. Because for secure transaction over internet, all other browsers are not suitable at all. Also they will be storing the password and user name when we provide there.

  • As per my own experiences Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the safest web browsers. Mozilla Firefox is a oldest and much popular internet web browser and has great user interface. Mozilla Firefox offers safest web browsing with its features like Private Browsing, Do Not Track, Content Security Policy, Anti-Phishing & Anti-Malware, Anti-Virus Integration, Parental Controls, and Customized Security Settings. Before launch of Google Chrome web browser Mozilla Firefox is the bestest and safest web browser worldwide. Now also million of people using Mozilla Firefox regularly and say is the trustworthy web browser. We cant able to compare Mozilla Firefox with other web browser because being a open sources offers great services.

    Coming to Google Chrome is kind of web browser that's become very much popular within a short period of time. Being a Google product Google Chrome web browser improving very fast. Has a great features to surf internet very safely.

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  • Google Chrome is the safest web browser as the web giant Google is on the continuous improvement of its services from time to time and it keeps introducing or adding new features which make it not only user friendly but also safer when compared to others.

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  • All the browser you mentioned above were safest. They all are from well known firms and there is no need to cheat us. I always prefer Google Chrome browser because it is faster than other. Chrome browser has sync feature and you can sync all your bookmarks to any chrome browser using your Google id. Chrome browser interface is simple and its easy to work in it. You can also play games via Chrome web store. There are many other reasons that made me to prefer Google Chrome.

  • I have an experience with the Google Chrome browser in my Laptop. I feel Google Chrome is the best browser as per my knowledge. More number of shortcut keys could be able to use in the browser. We can able to erase all the data's and passwords. Browsing histories can also be deleted clearly. Downloads in this browser will notify at the bottom of the page. So users could be view all the activities done in the browser very closely.

  • All the three web browsers you have mentioned are free on the internet. The different categories of users use them for different purposes. Since the Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are quite old in the market and have been used by the governmental and several big organizations from the beginning, most of these users have not shifted their loyalties to the new Google Chrome which released its beta version for Microsoft Windows on September 2, 2008, and the browser was released for safe and stable public use on 11th December 2008. But it became so popular just within four years of its release that its share of usage in the world usage of web browsers has reached 37% according to StatCounter. The position was different just a year before when internet explorer led with 45% followed by FireFox 30%, Chrome 17%, Safari 5% and Opera 2%. Google Chrome has become the world's mostly used web browser now. The second internet browser in terms of usage is Internet Explorer 31%, Mozilla FireFox 22% and the share of other browsers combined together is 10%. Once the users now give preference to Google Chrome than the internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox, then it must be understood that the Google Chrome is now used more world wide because of its easy to use user interface and other features including the security features. So, I would go with the rest of the world users of browsers and will give preference to Google Chrome. I am using the all the three browsers on my system. I regularly use Google Chrome, but I am forced to use Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox when I have to submit some returns to organisations like the Employees Provident Fund Organization and Employees State Insurance Corporation which do not support Google Chrome for collection of their data.

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  • Hi Member

    In my point of view, Google chrome is very fast browser in the Internet, Its work very fast and size is very small, It get very small space in the drive. Internet explorer are heavy and slow browser, I am using Google chrome last three year and found its much better then other, Mozilla Firefox is also slow browser and It load on the processor an capture a big size in the ram , so due to this reason our working environment went in slow condition.
    So I recommend you Google chrome IF you work fast.

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  • Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft's Internet Explorer are some of the top web browser that are available today. But the question is that which browser performs efficiently against malware, adware, viruses, and hackers and protects our device. Many browsers are fighting for market share and because of this they are mainly concentrating on the security. The thing is that security and popularity are not same. A recent study revealed that Google Chrome the second most popular browser gained the first rank in security. And the second rank goes to Internet Explorer which is the most popular web browser. Recently German goverment announced that Chrome is the most secure browser and this announcement provide a lending weight to the study. According to the study Chrome is creating and putting into use new safety measures to boost the security of the browser. But Internet Explorer is only slightly behind of Chrome. During the 2011 hacker conference, Pwn2Own, hackers attacked four popular browsers, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and GoogleChrome. The hackers were quickly compromise with Explorer and Safari. Chrome and Firefox resisted the attacks. The good thing is that manufacturers are always working hard to get rid of these kind of hackers by introducing new securitys and systems but on the other hand the hackers are hardly trying to break those securitys. Here I will provide some tips which may help you to avoid these kind of system attacks. The first thing is that if you want to download and install a browser then go to manufacturers official website and make sure that you are downloading a legitimate version. Avoid pop ups and ads because this may trick you download corrupted browsers. Set the security of your browser up to maximum level then you can minimise the tension regarding security. Disable popups and ads or install softwares that prevent pop ups and advertisements. Deploying infected pop ups is a popular way used by the hackers to trick you by downloading malware. Which ever the browser you are using try to perform the maximum achievable level of safety and be alert to any suspeceous activity when you log in to the web.

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  • Mozilla Firefox is the best browser for browsing as well as for security concerns. There are several add-ons available for Firefox which could be used for enhancing browsing speed and at the same time increasing security. I recommend you to use "Request policy" add-on for safer and smoother browsing experience.

  • IE 9 and 10 though advanced and upgraded still have problem in latest and advanced systems. I would recommend you to install and browse through Google Chrome, the next option is Mozilla or Opera - both are very nice to browse in a different option.
    We don't know when IE (though advanced and updated) will give you sudden browsing issue. Chrome is far better than IE.


  • According to my personal usage experience and a recent study, Google Chrome is the safest browser available. It's also very fast and easy to use.

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  • All three browser you have mentioned are very common now a days, it is very essential to choose a browser which gives the maximum security because no one can compromise with minimum benefits. The Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox became quite old in the market, but Google Chrome, though new to market become popular for its speed. Chrome have some new and cool features like sync of bookmarks, playing games online at the chrome web stores.
    So, you can choose Google Chrome because it is very fast and efficient.

  • According to my opinion Google Chrome is the safest browser at present. Many of the online experts have the opinion that Chrome is the best when it comes to defending against malwares.
    But when speaking about browsers there are many other factors that make us safe online. Just choosing a safe browser, downloading, installing and using it doesn't mean that you will be able to stay safe online. Here are some tips you should follow to make your browser more safer:
    1. You should update your browser often to the latest version which includes many security fixes.
    2. You should download the browser only from the official website.
    3. You should tweak your browser for enhanced security.

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