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    Does Lava Iris X1 Atom support OTG cable?

    Wondering whether the Lava Iris X1 Atom supports OTG cable? Get a quick answer from experts here.

    I would like to know if Lava Iris X1 Atom supports OTG cable. Please do give me correct information.
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  • Yes. Lava X1 supports USB OTG which will enable you to connect external storage flash drive directly to it.

  • Well, as has been a regular feature of late in most of the budget level phones, Lava Iris X1 does support USB OTG functionality. You can connect your phone to external drives and view the files stored on them on your device. However, make sure that the file format on your external drives is supported.

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  • Yes, of course! The Lava Iris X1 Atom does supports the OTG cable functionality. Users may feel free to connect their external USB drives to their Lava Iris X1 Atom smartphone.


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  • Lava Iris X1 Atom is a real budget and affordable smartphone having decent features. It does support OTG so you would be connect pen drives to it using OTG cable. Check out Lava Iris X1 Atom On Flipkart

  • Yes, Lava Iris X1 Atom supports OTG cable. You can connect pen drive or other devices to your phone and do the desired tasks.

  • Yes, Lava Iris X1 does have USB OTG connectivity for accessing data on external USB devices.

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