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    How to play setup video extension with .$ts

    Want to convert video files with extension .$ts to a viewable format? Let our experts guide you on how to do this directly or with the help of online software.

    I have a TV setup box with recording facility. I have recorded some show in my pendrive and want to play it now on my PC. There is a folder name PVR in the pendrive and all recorded files are in this folder and file is in unknown format and extension is .$ts. So guide me how to convert these files in the video format like mp4 or other or how to directly play this file on my PC. Is there any player or software available on the internet for this purpose?
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  • It seems the video file created by your set-top box is not a video file in reality. It may be a shortcut file that can only be internally recognized by the set-top box.

    Are you sure your set-top box service provider allows you to play recorded files on PC as well? If yes, please check the file size of the video file and revert back here. Also, please try playing it with video players like VLC player on the PC and MX player on your mobile.

    If it plays on any of the above video players, then you can use converter softwares like 'Xilisoft' available online to convert it and play it wherever you want to.

  • It may be possible that these type of video files with extension .$ts will only work on Tv setup box.

    But even then if you really want to watch those video files in your computer then you should try to convert it to mp4 or some other working computer video extension.

    Some of the software's to help you out to convert video format would be:
    1.Format Factory
    3.Total video converter.

  • I would recommend some of the mostly used Video Converter as follow:
    1. Format Factory (Download :
    2. Any Video Converter (Download:
    3. Handbrake(Download:

  • You cannot play the recordings from the pen drive or any disk used to record the TV shows on your PC or laptop. The content is DRM protected. You can only watch it on the STB you have used it to record.
    Take any Digital Video Recorder from among the DTH service providers. It will be the same case with all of them. Yiu will not be able to transfer the content to any other player.
    They use specific encryption that can only be read by the specific STB. It has been observed that some operators do not allow you to watch the recorded content on another STB of the same make and model ( from same operator).
    I have the recording facility on my d2h STB and tried several so called tutorials and none of them seemed to work for me.
    So, I would just conclude from my own experience that it is not possible to rip the recording to your PC.

    Live....and Let Live!

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