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    Samsung Galaxy S2 Data Net connection problem

    Having a problem of hanging with your Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone when connecting it to the Net? Expert guidance is available here to help you resolve the problem.

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy S2. The problem I am facing is that whenever I am connecting to data (internet) the phone is hanging frequently, getting stuck sometimes and even working very slow but when the phone is disconnected from the Net it is working absolutely fine. I am facing this problem from five days.

    I have tried the following things:
    Removed sd card, reset the phone, complete formatting done, but the problem remains.

    So please guide me on how to resolve this problem.
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    Hey friend if you are facing problem when you are connecting your smartphone to internet and your smartphone start hanging frequently and it also stuck sometimes and even working very slow then you can try the following steps given below -

    1. You can install an antivirus app in your smartphone like Northan Antivirus app. Which will protect your smartphone from virus which can make for smatphone slow.

    2. You can also stop browsing the website which are insecure.

    3. You can uninstall the app which work by the data connection and which are not important.

    After trying all these tricks if your remain same as it is now then the last method is that you have to change the smartphone.

  • i think you may have any app in your phone which bring advertisements on screen so mobile phone gets stuck when data is turned on.. try to remove unauthorised applications from your phone.i think this may help you..

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