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  • What is Hue lights from Philips and its benefits

    Heard about Philips Hue lighting system? Know more about its unique features and benefits from the expert responses below.

    I recently came to know that Philips has launched THE World's smartest Web-enabled Home Lighting system and it is called Hue. What is Hue lighting and what is the advantage of Hue lights? What is the price of Hue lights? Since it is web-enabled or app based, how to buy it and how to operate it? Kindly provide complete details on Philips Hue lighting system and where to buy them.
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  • The Philips Hue lighting system is basically allowing you to control the lights via a smartphone app. So this means you can control the lights even from a place away from home. The advantage is that if you do not wish to alert thieves that nobody is at home, just switch on the lights from wherever you are! The bulb fits into an E27 light fitting and a bulb lasts for a very long time as maintained by the company, specifically 15000 hours.

    The lighting system does not just refer to the bulbs though. There is a combination of the bulb, a bridge and the app which needs to work together. Here's what you get if you buy the full kit:
    1. 3 Wireless LED light bulbs, which will operate at 240 V & can withstand a surge up to 320 V.

    2. A bridge and an Ethernet network cable, with the bridge being linked to WiFi via your router.

    3. A power adapter.

    This kit is available at Snapdeal and Ebay India for a price of Rs.16,995. You get the warranty from Philips India if you are based in India. You need to download the Hue app from the Google playstore and install it on your smartphone.

    What all you can do with Philips Hue lighting system:
    • Set various lighting tones and colours to suit your mood. You have a choice of 16 million colours!!

    • Set the lights to a soft white hue for the time when you want to read.

    • You can connect up to a maximum of 50 lights.

    • You can control the lights via the app.

    • The lights can be set to be on or off when not at home.

    • You can utilize the timer feature to set an alarm & change the lights over time.

    • There is even a special "Energize" setting feature. On using it, you get a super vibrant light which is said to boost your energy levels.

    • You can even fit in the bulbs in a table lamp.

    • As you can see, the Philips Hue lighting system does have utility & functionality but the important question is: is it really worth the high cost?!


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