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    What is an ultra pixel camera that coming in smartphones?

    Want to know about Ultra Pixel camera equipped by new smartphone HTC? Also want to know how does it differ from other normal camera? Find the expert help regarding this matter.

    When surfing around the web for the specifications of HTCs new One smartphone, I have been stuck on its ultra pixel camera. What is this? How it is different from usual mega pixels? Will it be able to give more crisp images? Please do answer all of my doubts. Thanks in advance.
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  • Ultra pixel camera is only just a word given by the company for marketing the product, It has nothing to do with the camera like people may think of it as a new camera providing crisp images as you mentioned. The new phone by HTC has a camera of just 4 megapixels. By mentioning the word the company is just trying to trick people so as to have a great marketing for their product.

  • The Ultra Pixel camera used in the HTC One is just a 4 MP camera sensor with bigger pixel size, which lets it capture more details. At least that's what I know about it. And you get images almost as good as a 8 MP one maybe!

  • The word 'ultra pixel' is a marketing word used to attract the people to think of and buy their product HTC. So, it has no effect on pixels. You might have also struck so that you have started to know about it more by asking a question here. Actually this ultra pixel camera is of 4MP only which can not overcome the best pixel provided by Nokia and other mobile manufacturers. So, this can be normal camera with moderate pixels.

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    HTC One comes with Ultrapixel camera. According to HTC,UltraPixel is Engineered with larger pixels, it enables each pixel to capture more than 300% more light than most leading 13 megapixel cameras. So, its a new tech which captures images more prominently even in low light conditions,which is the biggest problem in today's handset.


  • Ultrapixel is only a marketing word which is used to attract peoples towards the product. Commonly we are using specifications like 8 megapixel, 4 megapixel etc. But today a lot of smartphones are introducing in the market and the manufacturers are trying to make their product one step top. To came in the top position they need some special features. So here HTC introduced a new feature/word called Ultrapixel.

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  • Ultra Pixel Camera is a new revolution in the mobile world. It is a technical word derives for the camera. HTC One mobile brings up big pixels in its camera resolution. Ultra Pixels are bigger than the Mega Pixels. That is the revolution in the camera. HTC One brings 4MP in its device. Ultra is not only a word, it is a revolution or upgraded version of Mega Pixels.

  • These are the usual marketing techniques of the manufacturing companies to coin new keywords to attract the attention of the buyers. In fact, the HTC One's 2.0 ultra pixel camera at the rear is just equivalent to 4 MP camera. So the words '2.0 ultra pixel camera' have been used by the company just to attract the attention of the buyers. If the company would have used the word which most of the companies use like the 4 MP camera, it would not have attracted your or my attention to this feature of the camera. We will know the reality only when we read in between the lines or has a first hand experience of using the camera of the smartphone after having purchased it. HTC claims that it is the futuristic camera with resolution higher than the conventional high resolution cameras of today's smart phones. Usually the smartphones will have one primary camera at the rear and one more secondary camera in the front panel of smartphones. The HTC has put both the cameras at the rear and also two cameras at the front panel. It has an 8 MP camera with back side illuminated sensor at the rear and it has also another 2.0 ultra pixel camera at the rear with 28 mm lens, LED flash, BSI sensor and F2 aperture. So there are two cameras at the rear. Similarly, HTC has put two cameras in the front. The first one is 1.2 MP camera with 720p video recording capability and the other is 2.1 MP front camera with HD 1080p video recording capability. So, HTC has utilized its common sense to introduce new marketing tricks to defeat its competitors like Apple, Sony and Samsung in this respect.

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  • When some area/part of technology improved or advanced, manufacturer used to keep changing its name to attract the customer worldwide, this is one of them. Most of the customers would like to know what is an ultra pixel camera when we have heard later about 4MP to 8MP camera in different brand Smartphones.

    Ultra pixel is nothing but it was renamed by HTC for 4MP camera during fame time of around 2MP and 3MP camera of Smartphones from other branded device though other brand also introduced the same specs of 4MP without any other name changing for it.

    If you get any confusion upon a new name, it is better for you to cross check in official site of relevant brand to know its specs detail to avoid any misunderstanding.


  • According to HTC, the Ultrapixel technology is the future of smartphone cameras. The Ultrapixel sensor uses larger pixels and enables each pixel to capture more than 300% more light than the standard cameras which will enable us to shoot more vivid and true to life pictures

  • In today's competitive world big brands find ways to enhance their product features. For enhanced product or technology the file patent and got commercial rights for that. They also give appropriate name to that technology for greater identification. Same case done here in by HTC using enhanced camera option. To gain popularity they are using word ultra pixel camera. As said above ultra pixel camera catches images at higher pixels with better quality than other simple camera. Sure this technology is much more helpful to all users worldwide. Every one wants greater user experience and company's like Apple, HTC, Sony etc are always searching for better enhanced technology. That's why the smartphones from this manufacturers are costly than any one. They spend lot of money in their research and development (R&D) centers for bestest ever technology.

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    This Ultra pixel word is just use for Marketing So It maybe 4MP or 8mp.

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