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  • What are the features of Android M?

    Heard about Android M? Know all its unique features and launch date in India.

    I have been hearing news about the latest software update of Android, which is Android 5.2. What does the M stands for in Android M? What are the interesting features that will be coming along with the Android M? Which all devices will be eligible for Android M? And finally when will it be rolling out in India?
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  • First of all let me correct you. It is not Android 5.2, but Android 6.0. Keeping in tune with its tradition of naming the Android updates by deserts in an alphabetical order, Google has named the latest iteration of the update as Android Marshmallow.

    As for the information on when will it be available in India or on which devices it will be available, we will need to wait till the exact update from Google. As far as our experience with the Android updates are concerned, it will first be available for Google Nexus devices and the Android One devices. Most of the devices not older than 18 months to two year running on Android Lollipop should get the update. However, it depends on the carriers and manufacturers who will conduct their own set of tests before finalizing the release. Most of the time the manufacturers release the updates in a phased manner in a region specific way.

    Now coming to the new features introduced on Android M, here are a few details –

    Android Pay
    With an aim to support all existing credit and debit cards, the Android Pay platform will let you make payments for the products purchased or services received by tapping your phone against the NFC terminal at the retail outlet. It is now more secure with the creation of virtual account.

     RAM manager
    The RAM manager on your device will now have an improved functionality. RAM used by the individual apps can be analysed to find rogue apps that hog more memory. It will let the developers take corrective actions their apps may have.

     Better and secure app permissions
    App permissions will now be more contextual. This will result in making your phone go more secure.

    Fingerprint support
    Android M will have native support for Fingerprint scanner. Developers can embed the APIs to make use fingerprint scan in their apps. It will also be used to authorize Android Pay payments.

     Google Now on Tap
    Google Now will now provide you contextual information while you are something else on your phone. You can get details about the actors while you watch a video. Google Now is on its way to become a full fledged virtual assistant.

    Taking the power management a step further, Android M brings Doze feature which restricts unneeded background processes when the phone is idle. You can set Doze to exclude the tasks you do not want to be restricted.

     USB -C support
    Android will now support the latest connector. USB-C port ensures faster transfer speeds. It also allows you charge your device faster.
    You can refer to my article for more information on the Android Marshmallow.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Android M stands for android marshmallow.

    Some of features are:
    Display and app privacy

    The app menu, for example, is now a single vertically scrolling screen. The 'Do Not Disturb' feature for notification muting has been improved too. One of the most important changes, however, is the new method for managing app permissions.

    Users are getting more and more privacy-conscious, with an increasing awareness and mistrust of how much of their personal information their apps have access to. Google has acknowledged this, and now rather than simply granting a swathe of app permissions during the initial download, users can choose to allow or deny access to specific functions.

    There's also split-screen windowing, as seen on devices like the Galaxy Note 4, and a boost to standby power in the form of Doze. Since this mainly deals with polling updates while the device is in sleep mode, this is largely going to be more useful for tablets than it is for phones, but it's still a welcome addition.
    There are several more features too.

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