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    Which are the best new free Antivirus software available?

    Looking for the latest best anti-virus software? Get expert feedback and reviews right here.

    I am curious to know about the latest antivirus which can be downloaded free. I have tried quite a number of them but my system is not picking up the speed after the use of any of these. Currently after I upgraded into Windows 10 and my system is not responding the way it should. I am running CCCleaner, Windows Defender almost everyday to bring the system at least in a working condition.

    I think it might be some malware which my antivirus is not able to deal with. Please suggest some good antivirus which can solve this issue.
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  • There are many free antivirus and malware protection programs out there. However very few of them are worth installing on your computer.

    1. Comodo - In terms of loading speed and the app that consumes less resource, I'd recommend comodo. It has decent virus definition update rate and detects most of the common viruses. Free version has few limits but gets the work done.

    2. Avast - They offer 1 year free key which you can renew every year. Though they are now limiting most of the features for paid version. Still I'd say avast is a good antivirus software out there.

    3. Panda - It doesn't have much popularity due to other antivirus are performing quicker and have better definition upgrade rate. However this app is also one good free antivrius solution.

    4. Bitdefender - They have popular anti malware product and that performs much better than their antivirus solution. However, the bitdefender offers good option for those who are looking for free antivirus.

    My personal suggestion is to go with either Comodo or Avast for free antivirus solution.

  • If you are looking for a new free antivirus software than there are many software available on different websites some of them are given below.

    1.Avast Antivirus
    2.Comodo Dragon
    3.Northan Antivirus

    There are many websites from where you can also get paid antivirus for free like Quick heal Antivirus and many more.

  • The best free anti-virus available are:
    1. Avast.
    2. Kaspersky.
    3. Comodo.
    4. Norton.
    5. 360 security.

    The best way to keep your pc/laptop safe is to keep your anit-virus up to date. i would say to use norton or 360 security.

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