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  • What is a Cynogen OS and how can we customize it?

    Installed Cynogen OS in your smartphone but don't quite know how to use it effectively? Get expert tips on getting the most out of Cynogen OS features.

    I have got Cynogen 12 OS on my new Yu Yureka Plus. But still now I have not found its advantage except that the theme of the device is customizable. So I am in search of any possibility to dig more from a Cynogen OS. If you can simply explain me how it works and how could I get more out from it, It would be very helpful.
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  • Well, Cyanogen is a custom Android version. It is entirely different from what Google or other manufacturers offer. You get practically unlimited customisation options. In fact, it sets you free from whatever restrictions imposed by the manufacturers.

    Some of the important benefits or customisation options you have are

    Cyanogen lets you install custom themes on your phone. You can change everything on your device. App icons, notification sounds, lockscreen appearance - you name it and Cyanogen can customise it.

    Get latest updates
    You can get latest stock Android experience as and when it is available. Be it Lollipop or the latest Android Marshmallow(which will soon appear on Cyanogen)- you need not wait for manufacturer approvals for the updates.

    Not tied to manufacturers
    With no tie up with any particular manufacturer, you are assured of pure Android experience.
    Also it makes Cyanogen sorely responsible for all the updates, bug fixes and added features.

    Gesture support

    This is one of the best features you get on a Cyanogen device. It supports a wide range of gesture controls. You need not wake your phone up for a few normal tasks.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Default android OS also known as Vanilla android (or stock ROM) install gives you basic features that are agnostic to the devices. However the mods like cyanogen OS enhances the feature set offered by android. Think of cyanogen OS as a shell on top of the android system. It accesses the same set of services and features just by using different UI.

    Cyanogen offers inbuilt root support. This helps you make changes to your system or install apps that requires rooting your phone. You also get an option to overclock the CPU using cyanogen mod.

    Default android OS comes with a lot of unnecessary packages. Cyanogen reduces such bloat and makes the install minimal yet productive.

    Cyanogen themes are more attractive and professional compared to default android themes. Also the icon and UI themes are more sleek and consistent.

    Due to interface tweaks and reduction of bloatware from the system, you can find performance of Cyanogen OS much better compared to default android.

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