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  • How to make good YouTube Videos and earn from Adsense?

    Eager to create good quality YouTube videos to generate Google AdSense earnings? Learn from experts how to create best quality videos for YouTube to generate income.

    People are creating videos and uploading it to YouTube and making money from Adsense. My question is that I have Adsense account and already linked it to my Adsense but not making enough Adsense revenue. It must be because my videos are not popular. I have decided the niche in which I have to work. But how can we make efficient videos with the help of mobile phone of 8 or 13 megapixel. This is because I can afford a professional camera at this phase. Experts please guide me.
    Thank you
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  • Apart from good presentation, it is very important to have good content in the video to get good views and thereby good earnings. A mobile phone with 8 or 13 megapixel camera seems good enough to begin with. Just make sure it records at 720p resolution at least.

    My suggestion would be to focus more on the content and make videos in good lighting. If you're planning to add voice, please use a good microphone and record without ambient noise.

  • First thing to get correctly is what type of videos you want to make. I assume that you're asking about mobile phone based videos then you must be doing LIVE recording videos. So what niche you want to go for LIVE recording? is it showing your city on YouTube (e.g. best places to eat, hang out points, hill station) or you want to do comedy videos or reviews? You have to find out what you want to choose as a niche.

    Depending on your niche you will get paid. For example tech niche are over crowded and so do comedy. But you do get some random money in both.

    Second thing is to stabilize the mobile while you're shooting the video. You can use some sort of tripod or heavyweight books to hold the phone.

    Once you have these two things started then start making your videos in horizontal perspective. Use video editors like Windows Movie Maker or Sony Vegas. You have to learn to do lot of editing to get things right.

    As for intro and ending animation, hire someone from Fiverr to do it for you.

    All the best in your new venture.

  • I have a list of suggestion which can come to some help.
    People look for videos for mainly two reasons.
    Firstly for entertainment, then to get a visual assistance for some "how-to-do-things"
    So, apart from the entertainment sector, if you take videos of "how-to-do" videos, make sure of taking nice close ups from good angles with relevant voice overs.
    Then you have to promote your videos in as many places as you can.

  • You can make reasonable quality video from your Smartphone or Professional camera for any event such as product launch, new product's review, the best place, tourist hotspot, educational presentation and so on then upload them to your YouTube account. I suggest you to video record for 2 to 5 mins max unless source or certain products need it to record more than 5 minutes to an hour or so.

    Try to avoid shaky videos by using some fixed object or by using its stand (like Simpex 333 Tripod) to record in a professional manner. You may check video setting by taking trial video before taking real video to shoot, record and use. Make sure that all the memory is enough to capture and save it.

    Once video is recorded, try to upload in your system as soon as possible in order to save it from unavoidable memory flash issues. Try to check the quality of video, audio and presentation from your system by going through each second. Once everything is OK, you may then rename the file name with important even keywords in order to search engine identify it upon visitors' search. Most of them lacks here by using wrong or default file name without proper keyword.

    You can then upload the video from your system to YouTube account by again using exact file name or keyword to get the attention of search engine. Once everything is done perfectly, you may manually need to click on $ symbol to associate it with AdSense for showing up its ads. The more visitors in quick time comes, the more chances of ad clicks (as CPC) can result which can benefit. The more visitors in longer duration may not help since they just accumulated total views than huge traffic per day.


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