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    How to fix proximity sensor issue in Yu Yureka Plus

    Having problems with the proximity sensor in Yu Yureka Plus smartphone? Quickly learn from experts how to deal with this problem.

    Recently I bought a new Yu Yureka Plus from Amazon. But after a few weeks of usage I got proximity sensor issue. This issue tortures me when a call is being placed or during an incoming call. The problem is that , the screen turns off as soon as a call comes or placed. So I cannot access my phone until the call is cut from other side. I have searched many fix for it, but all I could find is a caliberation test, which I am not completely satisfied with. Kindly someone help me with an appropriate solution for this problem.
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  • Yureka Plus seems to have universal same in this aspect. It seems that the calibration method is the ultimate way to get the issue solved. To do this, here are the steps-

    1. Open dialer on your phone.

    2. Dial *#*#7769#*#* and wait. This is the secret code to access proximity sensor.

    3. Select Start.

    4. Bring your hand near the sensor. Do not touch it. When the menu says come near , place your finger on the sensor , remove it when the menu says Go away. Repeat the procedure for a couple of times and then select Stop and Exit.

    5. Make call and check again. If still it fails, you may need to calibrate again.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I am having following suggestions to you.

    first uninstall any application which you have installed for automatic call answer or air call answer application (via this application you can pick-up or reject any call by swiping hand on proximity sensor).This is must delete it first if you have any kind of application related to this.
    If you are not having any above application then run your phone on safe mode and observe the call function working or not.In safe mode it just disables third party apps.If this works well it means your third party apps malfunctioning.If not come here back I will suggest you another solutions.

    Thanking you

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