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  • Best Android apps to track number of steps while walking

    Want to install an app to track your walking steps? At this Ask Expert page you will get a list of the best free apps for tracking steps.

    I would like to know the best Android apps which track the number of steps while walking. Please tell me names of such free apps.
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  • If you're using Mi Band then you can make use of the following Apps.

    1. Mi Fit : This is official app for counting distance, walked steps and sleep duration. This app also has other features related to data display and other stuff.

    2. Noom Walk Pedometer : This app also keeps track of the steps taken by the user. it can keep a log of the previous and current performance for you to analyze.

    Out of these two I think Mi Fit is a bit buggy and there is lot of things they need to improve upon. So if you can use any pedometer application then go ahead with that for now.

  • Here are a couple of apps that can meet your requirements -

    1. Runtastic Pedometer Step Count
    It can count the steps irrespective of where you have stored your phone on your body. It syncs all your data to the website so that you can easily access it anytime. You get a training and activity log and also can share your achievements over social media.

    2. Steps Mania
    It can track your walking and running. It also provides a detailed analysis of calories burnt. You can share your achievements on the social media. The app gamifies the walking and running activities wherein you win awards and virtual gifts on completing certain tasks. Such an approach works as a motivation.

    3. Accupedo Pedometer
    It has a widget that can be placed on your homescreen. Widget can be customised as per your needs. It allows you to share your daily log on Facebook.

    Live....and Let Live!

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