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  • How to use Flipkart Ping feature?

    Curious about the Ping feature available at Flipkart? Learn from experts what this feature is and how to use it.

    I learnt online that Flipkart has launched something called Flipkart Ping. What exactly is Flipkart Ping? How to use it? Please share details.
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  • Ping is a social feature on Flipkart which helps the consumers to share their shopping experience with each other.
    The feature can be accessed by tapping on the Chat icon at the bottom on the Flipkart mobile app. The Ping option opens up which appears more like Facebook Messenger. It adds your friends from the Phone Book. You can also send manual invites via WhatsApp, Messenger or such other IM apps. The Ping feature allows you to have a one to one conversation on any product or create a group based on products.
    The app also lets you take pictures from your phone camera and share them via the Ping feature. You can also long press on the product listing which will enable you to share it with a conversation.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Yes Online marketing website has launched the ping feature for mobile users.

    On Tuesday Flipkart announced the launch of Ping, a new in-app chat feature that lets users share product images and chat with each other while shopping. The feature has been rolled out to the Flipkart apps for Android and iOS, but users need an invite to access the feature.

    Ping is visible as a chat icon floating on the right hand side of app. Users can share products, wishlists, and carts with their phone book contacts, and chat with them. Users can also share their screens and browse together. The move follows the roll out of Flipkart's mobile phone number-based login system earlier this month. Users no longer need an email address to register on the Flipkart app or reset their password.

    It's a very good feature to get suggestions from our family and friend's to buy a new product.

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