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  • What is the range of the wireless LG Rolly Keyboard?

    Wondering if the LG Rolly keyboard has a wide range to be connected to a smart TV too? Check out the feedback provided in the responses below.

    The LG Rolly Keyboard is about to be launched in few days and I want to know what will be its operating range. I am willing to pair this device with my smart TV as well as with my Smartphone and tablet devices. Please tell me what will be its exact range.
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  • Well, it may be too early to find information on the Rolly Keyboard as it still to be commercially available. However, from the information currently available, the keyboard needs to be paired to your devices via Bluetooth 3.0. As far as we know, Bluetooth can support a distance of upto 10 meters maximum.

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  • Yes, it is too early to find the correct information on the Wireless LG Rolly Keyboard. But as per the information known to me, I guess the keyboard will have a area of around 10 meters.


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