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    Can a tablet or smartphone be connected to an LG Rolly Keyboard?

    Wondering whether an LG Rolly keyboard can be connected to your PC tab or smartphone? Our experts will give you the answer to this query.

    I want to know whether I can attach my smart phone or tablet on to the LG Rolly Keyboard. Recently I saw another company's keyboard which has a slot for placing smart devices but that keyboard was not foldable. Does this wireless portable keyboard have a special attachment slot that can hold the tablet or Smartphone device?
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  • Yes, definitely. The Rolly keyboard can connect with smartphones and tablets. You can pair it with two devices simultaneously and toggle between the two with a key press.

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  • Yes, you can definitely connect your tablet or smartphone with LG Rolly keyboard via Bluetooth. Moreover, you can connect more than one device at the same time.

  • Yes, the users can easily connect their tablet or smartphone to an LG Rolly Keyboard.


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