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  • How to increase the life of a laptop battery to prevent draining later than sooner?

    Fed up of laptop battery draining out once they are out of warranty period or are old? Know the best tips and tricks to extend your battery life as much as possible.

    Some laptops come with a warranty that covers the battery too for about a year. However, outside of the warranty period if the battery drains out, it becomes highly expensive to replace it with a new one so we are more likely to just let it run on power alone. I am aware that eventually, no matter what we may try out, the battery will likely drain out. Nevertheless, I would like know some useful tips and tricks on how to make the battery of a laptop last for as long as possible.
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  • Make use of the following tips to lengthen the battery life of your laptop -

    1. Shut down unused devices
    Disable unneeded radios like blue tooth. Disconnect the extra devices like USB drives. Also turn off the unused ports. Even when nothing is connected to these ports, the open ports still consume energy.

    2. Use power saving options
    Almost all the devices come with power saving settings. Using them when you expect the battery will go dead in an hour or so will help you eke out a few more minutes.

    3. Adjust settings
    Adjust the settings to make optimal use of power. Turn of keyboard back light when not needed. Decrease the brightness level of the display. You can set a 50% brightness for comfortable working. Unless you are working with a media centric job, resolution need not be at 1080p. Change it to more basic one. Also turn the sound volume to low or turn it off if not needed.

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  • The given below are some useful tips and tricks on how to make the battery of your laptop last for as long as possible. As per my view for adding years to the battery life of your laptop you need to avoid the waste. Let's discuss how!

    1. Switch to the Eco or Saver mode
    By switching to such modes the battery will automatically make some changes on your laptop which will surely lengthen the battery life.

    2. Disable the Unused Ports and Devices
    The easiest and the best way to reduce the battery consumption is to limit the work or to simply turn the stuff off. Every part of your laptop needs some power or battery consumption so as to function like we need Petrol or Deisel to run our vechiles. But it isn't compulsary to power all the parts of your laptop all the time, you should power only the needeed parts. This is also a useful way to lengthen the battery life of your laptop. You should disconnect all the unneeded peripherals like your external USB drive, the USB mouse etc. You should also switch off the power hogs like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, unused optical drives and graphic processors etc.

    3. Keyboard Backlighting
    Do you know that the keyboard backlighting is also a great battery consumer? So you should turn off the keyboard backlighting when not needed. You can turn on the keyboard backlighting in the dark areas but make sure to avoid the unneccessary use.

    4. Adjust the Settings of the Screen
    I guess you don't need the 100% brightness and the full HD resolutions all the time. So why do you waste the battery in such cases? You should mostly keep the brightness level of your laptop around 50%. As 50% brightness is enough to have a clear view. The next step is to reduce the screen resolutions when you don't need the high resolutions.

    5. Sound Level
    Do you know that the sound level in your laptop is also a reason of battery consumption? You should always turn off the sound when not required. Or if you don't want to do so then you should swtich down the sound level. Both the ways will affect the battery life of your laptop.

    6. Turn Off the Apps & Processes
    This is also a effective way to lengthen the battery life of your laptop. All you need to do is press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc or Ctrl + Alt + Del buttons to open the task manager. And then find the applications which are running unnecessarily and then close them.

    7. Avoid Multitasking
    Multitasking is a great reason of making the battery life short. You should avoid multitasking as much as possible. You should always try to open only one application at one time. This will surely save the battery life.

    So these were the seven best ways to increase the battery life of your laptop.


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  • Power saver mode reduces the back-light on the screen. And you notice that the less illumination leads to saving of battery. Also do note that if you use less audio and video during the battery mode, it helps too.

    For example listening to audio in battery mode makes laptop drain energy more. You can also download those battery saving apps that helps you avoid running unnecessary services.

    Also make sure you use hibernate option only when needed. And instead shutdown the laptop when not in use.

    Less services and power draining apps, the more you are likely to get battery spent. So use the power draining apps only when connected.

    Use Black viper's services configuration guide for removing services that you don't need on your Windows OS.

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