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  • How does an imported Nokia Lumia 830 differ from the Indian product

    Planning to purchase an imported Nokia Lumia 830 from ebay? Understand first how it differs from the Indian product & whether it can be serviced in India.

    I wish to buy a Nokia Lumia 830 from ebay.But It is an imported phone from USA. So I don't know how it differs from the Indian products (normal phones we buy from India). I also do not know about the features which are available or not in this product as compared to the Indian product. Hence would like to know about the differences if any between the US and the Indian product. I would also like to know if I can charge this phone using Indian chargers. Further, can I repair it in shops in India (not about warranty)?
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  • Nope, not much difference, because the product is made by one company only.
    you can check google about features and specifications of this phone.
    and yeah you can repair it in local shops,but i would suggest to go with the warranty because once you give it to repair in shops the company wont even touch your phone for repairing.

    Don't charge it with any other charger other than the charger given by the company,because other chargers may damage your battery.

    Hope you got what you wanted to.

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