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  • How to resolve problem of slow performance of Acer One D257 Netbook?

    Fed up of the slow functioning of your Acer One D257 Netbook? Get guidance from experts on how to resolve this issue.

    It has been more than a week now that I have upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7. Since then my system has slowed down in a drastic manner. In each and every function, the system is taking an unprecedented amount of time. Sometimes the commands aren't responding at all. The browser too is equally malfunctioning. I have tried using CCCleaner, but it isn't wiping a few files irrespective of whatever I do.
    What could have gone wrong? My antivirus is also in place and showing no threats. Please let me know the probable reasons and the way out.
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  • You are not alone to feel this kind of problem form win 7 to win 10 switch-over. The problem I think is in installation. Take back up first and try to reinstall the win 10 first.Because improper installation may lead to malfunction of the system. So try it first.
    If above solution not working then check the RAM STATUS in your notebook.Lesser RAM size is another reason of the problem. I think your notebook supports 2GB RAM. Install another 1GB RAM if you are having 1GB RAM only.

    I am 100 % sure that above two steps will resolve your issue.

  • Thank you Gopal for your suggestions. I am trying the first one first. My netbook is having total 4GB memory. Do you think, even that is insufficient?
    I don't download much, but yes, occasionally few videos and movies get stored in the system which might be taking quite a good amount of space.
    Please advice once more.

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