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    Comparison between BSNL and Airtel modem routers

    Wondering whether it would be better to switch from a BSNL to an Airtel router? Get comparative feedback of both products to help you decide.

    I am now using BSNL broad band service in my residence. However, the speed is slow and signals do not reach the upper floor. Should I go in for a change to Airtel modem/router? I have kept the router close to my laptop. My main usage is Skype and emails only. Please advise. I am using Dlink N300 modem/Router now.
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  • Even we have experienced the same with Dlink router. It also used to drop the signals repeatedly. That was really disgusting. Things got better with Airtel and the speed also increased a lot. Now it has been almost four years, and we have not yet experienced any signal dropping.
    I would suggest to go for Airtel, but they need to have a tower in the place where you stay in. For our relatives they denied to come.
    That is a real headache, if they do so.

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